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  1. Jonah Lomu

    I sheed a few tears on Friday night when I watched my Jonah DVD. Nice to hear that the public fun real is at eden park peety the funreal is not on when I am in Auckland I would have gone to say goodbye to the legend himself Jonah
  2. Superbug found in chicken

    Saw a item about this on the news last night and thought sounds pretty scary that superbug which can be found in chicken
  3. Buying a house these days

    Glad that I don't live in Queenstown since most of the home's there are the average cost for a house in Auckland for example
  4. Protein Powder

    You can order San meta force from xplossive supplements
  5. Protein Powder

    San metaforce is pretty good with 26g of proetin on it per serving, 0 sugar and farley cheap cost per serving which is a $1.05 . Comes on two different flavors rocky road which is awesome and rocks the other flavor is vanilla not to sure what's that like.
  6. Jonah Lomu

    Thanks very much for the memories Jonah
  7. Operation getting massive

    Quads today Leg extensions 4x20 39kg,45kg,51kg,54kg Leg press 4x20 3pps, 3pps,4pps,5pps Walking lunges 4x25 body weight, 10kgs,12kgs, 15kgs Leg extensions 3x20 66kg,72kg,84kg Lunges 3x20 body weight, 10kgs, 12kgs Today was the first quad train since my injury didn't have any problems or issues which was good news . Started off with 3pps for leg press and worked up to five plates per side. It will be like this as well for next Wednesday as well before get back to doing squats and hack squats as well . It's nice to be back to training on Wednesday again after only training four times a week last week when I was just doing upper body only.
  8. Big weekend for NZ bodybuilding

    Well done to the kiwis who competed this past weekend and congratulations to rebel .
  9. They do look tasty and yummy as well. Pretty good cost wise only. Kind of tempted to order a packet or pay them a visit when I am up in Auckland in a couple of weeks time
  10. Pussy arms...

    That looks very painful
  11. Big weekend for NZ bodybuilding

    Thought that was pretty good going by Scott cowe and qualify for the Olympia in his first pro show also becoming the first kiwi to place in the first pro show as well.
  12. Wonder what the cost is for this type of pasta might have to order a box sometime.
  13. Operation getting massive

    Back and hamstrings Assisted chin ups 5x12 45kg,39kg,32kg,28kg,22kg Seated row 5x12 78kg ,86kg,92kg,102kg,102kg Incline db row 4x12 20kgs,22kgs, 25kgs,30kgs Db pullovers 4x12 30kg,32kg,35kg,40kg Standing leg curl 4x12 24kg,30kg, 36kg,42kg Seated leg curl 4x12 42kg,48kg,54kg,59kg Today was the first time training hamstrings since my injury and wasn't to bad at as I got up to the weights that I was using before my injury . Had no problems at all which is good news. Calfs were feeling a bit stiff when I got home from work yesterday figured I would be expecting that and kind of looked rather strange when I was bending down to pick something up with off the ground. Hope don't have any issues for my first quad train tomorrow. Speaking of quads measures my quads on Sunday afternoon and lost a inch off my quads while I was injured down from 24 inches to 23 inches. That's not to bad will get that inch back once I get back to full normal quad training once the two weeks are up.
  14. Operation getting massive

    Chest and calfs bb incline press 1x15 bar,4x8-10 85,88kg,90kg,95kg bb bench press 3x8-10 90kg,95kg,98kg 4x10 30kgs,32kgs,35kgs,40kgs cable cross overs 4x15 55pps,65pps,75pps,85pps calf press 4x20 4pps,5pps,6pps,7pps seated calf raise 4x20 30kg for the four working sets it was was nice this morning to get back to my normal training from Monday to Friday after the first back of just to upper body only . Was thinking today for the first two Tuesday that I train hamstrings after training back going to keep things light to moderate since I am getting back to it after my injury then after that just slowly build after that and back up to the weights that I was using.
  15. Rousey v Holm

    Yes and it's right up there when I see two divas wrestler each other for example