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  1. So this is a bit late, but you CAN take Testosterone and keep natural production and fertility. To do so you need to also take hCG! This will keep the Testes firing! note: just read post above mine, hMG huh, ok.
  2. Wish this had positive answers...
  3. Well, was it done for?
  4. Returned to NZ

    Count me in on supplements source.
  5. Ok, so there are studies that show that Testosterone (typically Enthalate) and or hCG can grow the penis in adults to some extent. I also found this: https://www.metro-md.com/hgh-for-penis-growth-and-enlargement/ recommending HGH to turn penis growth back on. I suspect that by adding HGH (and or IGF-1) this can be increased by reproducing conditions present when the penis grows naturally. Just trying to figure out if anything should be injected in the penis, or just into muscles in the lower body? I know this is pretty experimental, and if anyone can point to any other attempts (failed or successful) to do this I'd welcome it. Has anyone here taken Testosterone, hCG and hCG together (presumably for muscle gain) and noticed any penis growth? In addition if someone takes steroids and works only say one muscle, say left arm, would that arm for the same steroid dose become better developed than if they tried to develop their whole body (but still exercised that arm the same amount and adjusted their diet accordingly). In other words do muscles "use up" the steroids? (even if just to the point of dilution due to the increase of body mass?) It is known that female body builders get clitoral growth from steroid use, but I have not heard of anything about enhancement of penis size.
  6. I understand that HGH is systemic, that no matter where is is injected it has to be processed by the liver and lead to the production of IGF-1 to do anything (or, so I read). But can IGF-1 be injected at a specific site to focus growth there?