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  1. Yep, similar issues with test, deca and anadrol, turned out once I dropped the anadrol, fixed my issues. What brand of deca are you using?
  2. Can anyone suggest where in NZ I can find this supplement, other than ordering from overseas or an alternative, cheers
  3. NPP for joints

    Already on a fairly clean diet, cut out all sugary shit, alcohol and processed foods. Gear arrived, 2nd week into my cycle, a wee bit of water retention and bloat the first week, but has helped with sore joints after my workouts, so I'm happy with what I'm on. The anadrol I've stacked with the test and deca (ND, not NPP) has already increased my strength, gained heaps. The best thing is the recovery between workouts, there is none, I'm usually knackered the next day, but now I can get back into the gym the next day, lifting heavier than before.
  4. Is eating meat harming my penis?

    Made me think about going vegan for all of one day, but still worth a watch, better than most of the crap on netflix these days. T-nation did a good exposed article on game changers, worth a read.
  5. Hello fellow gym goers, watched Game Changers on Netflix last night, a doco about renowned athletes and scientists who prove that everything we have been taught about protein was a lie. Has anyone here gone from being a meat-eater to a vegan based diet and still able to build quality muscle, compared to when they were on meat?The only downsides I can see is the need for B12, iron, zinc supplements and the hassle of sourcing quality edible foods that actually taste good. Arnold is his usual funny-as-f*ck self, “who the f*ck are you too tell me I car’nt eat meat”Worth a watch.
  6. On the hunt for something good in the pre-workout department, ordered a couple of tubs of Outbreak nutrition: Pathogen for $34 a tub off NZ muscle, good price. Anybody recommend anything good? Blacklabs dust v2 was quite good, last time I tried it. Must be afew bargains out there this weekend.
  7. PCT liver support 5% Rich Piana

    Ordered a tub of Strom support max (UK based outfit) as well as Rich nutrition liver and organ defender, will let you all know how I get on. 5%.jfif strom.jfif
  8. Looking at adding a tub of 5% nutrition liver and organ defender to my pct, anyone got anything to say about these, there abit expensive but have some good reviews, or can you guys suggest any alternatives, cheers.
  9. Scam product site

    Had a bit of luck with afew UK sites posting here, got it through customs ok, waaayy cheaper than the local overpriced stuff, worth taking a chance.
  10. Deadlift goal to lift 200kgs

    Yes, found a few lifting programs online, all good, my only gripe is that a few only get you dead lifting once aweek , would of thought 2-3 times a week would be better? Any thoughts on this?
  11. Any ideas how one can increase their deadlift max, tried reducing the weight to increase reps, then get past my max lift. Any other lifts I could be doing to help?
  12. NPP for joints

    Heard on the trt grapevine that together with test injections, a low dose of NPP can help with sore joints and tendon/ligament lubrication, not sure how I'd approach my doctor about prescribing durabolin with my test hahaha. Anyone tried NPP at all, just wondering how hard it would be to get hold of here. Tried ordering some in from the UK, time will tell if that makes it here or not.
  13. For anyone new to steroids and use, I can highly recommend this book, you can download it free off the net, great reference tool.
  14. Reandron / Nebido

    Cheers for the reply, started working out at the gym more often now and thought I'd get better results stabilizing the dose out across the 10 weeks, rather than test levels crashing the last few weeks waiting for the next vial. I'll get it a try next vial.
  15. Finaplix

    Is this stuff still available?