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  1. Auckland Gym Buddies

    Hey everybody, Auckland local here who is on the look out for workout / gym buddies. I'm a regular at Anytime Fitness (Pukekohe, Auckland) and Anytime Fitness (Auckland CBD). As a guy in my early 50's, I have been a regular gym goer for more years than I care to remember. For me, it's less about the big muscles, and more about the mental wellness and physical wellbeing. I do a regular mix of free weights (3-4 x week) and Cardio (2-3x week), but I'd certainly be open to alternate training plans or patterns too. If there's anybody else out there who might be up for getting together over a workout or two, then I'd certainly be keen to hear from you. Thanks Darran
  2. Pukekohe new member

    Hi all, new member here from Pukekohe. Regular at Anytime Fitness and train to maintain a good level of health and fitness. Any other Franklin locals who also train at Anytime Pukekohe?