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  1. Selling steroids here? Don't.

    crack up! this reminds me of the switched on gardener case going on in courts at the moment.....about 10 years to late :doh:
  2. Club Physical takeover by Jolt Fitness

    I can confirm at least 2 of the clubs around time of purchase were making profit. Like Iwilson said, you have to take the good with the bad when you sign into a working business model franchise agreement.
  3. Found this before pic.. dem epic genetics

    looks like he just finished on his mumma's tit and got put down for nap time.
  4. Death

    I try not to spend to much of my life thinking there must be more to it than this. Enjoy as much as you can as often as you can. The chance that we as individuals exist to be able to experience what we perceive as our reality is almost infinitely small. This is "probably" the only conscious life we will ever have as neutrons stuck together in a process of universal order to dis-order. We all have a part of us that hopes death isn't truly the end of "us". The real miracle is we have a life to live in these moments we call now as opposed to our nature to think forward about "what's next" ,preconceived ideas based upon faith or hope= assumption, assumption= the mother of all f*ck ups. late night rant over.
  5. Tony Martins gym Auckland

    you couldn't swing a cat in miada, it's friggin tiny. Might be alright after hours if no ones there perhaps.
  6. Harbour Fitness Glenfield

    yep, sounds right, all equipt on tick. go big and go bust
  7. Rediculous Neck

    waddaa tumour
  8. Harbour Fitness Queen street No-more!!!....

    lol, almost saw this one coming a mile away. The rents and costs must have been sky high not to mention the costs of fitout and equipment. It wasn't a massively large area and at 10.99-14.99 a week memberships they would have needed a huge membership to make any profit. Rumours about the owner not paying bills extend to other business interests non-gym related also.
  9. what physique do you aspire to?

    thick as a brick!
  10. what physique do you aspire to?

    who's the deadlifter? Impressive!
  11. Egg white

    try http://www.nzprotein.co.nz they do good tasting egg powder that mixes well. Its cheap too.
  12. Synthol

    he looks like a pencil neck dressed up in a fake muscle suit :doh: curling fuk all too
  13. Gym making us fatter

    twitter profile pic=her on a couch with a glass of wine in hand, go figure
  14. Kiwi ana lifts!

    that video's gay as! what a load of shit
  15. Egg white powder

    try http://www.nzprotein.co.nz $45 a kg for flavoured egg whites. Very drinkable,eggcel stuff undrinkable.