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  1. Body fat percentage - how do I test or calculate?

    To calculate body fat percentage, add your waist and hip measurements, and then subtract the neck measurement to determine your circumference value.
  2. What we do to piss you off???

    I've seen a lot of guys like that.
  3. What we do to piss you off???

    I've seen a lot of guys like that.
  4. What we do to piss you off???

    I've seen a lot of guys like that.
  5. The fad of fitness apps

    me too, no need for an app, just eat right and exercise
  6. Pancakes

    That looks delish, definitely trying this recipe
  7. Probiotics

    By keeping your gut clean, probiotic supplements have been proven to increase muscle growth as a result of providing your body with the essential tools to absorb nutrients from your food. So, a cleaner gut equals more nutrients which equals more mass.
  8. Protein Drink for Beginners

    Whey protein is the most popular, readily available, and the cheapest protein supplementation out there. Whey is more quickly absorbed by the body compared to its counterpart casein, which makes it a great solution for right before/after a strength training workout.
  9. Testosterone boosters

    yes, they can. However, a crap diet and mediocre training program will certainly decrease the effectiveness of your testosterone booster. And a great training program and a solid diet can both help you build muscle and boost testosterone.
  10. how much is enough Caffeine as a pre-workout

    The recommended dose varies by body weight, but is typically about 200–400 mg, taken 30–60 minutes before a workout
  11. Anyone still following>?

    anybody here?
  12. Effective Workouts At Home

    While there is no strong evidence that it prevents people from getting COVID-19, exercise may help to limit the risk of fatal coronavirus complications.
  13. nothing much, because I'm an introvert and would prefer staying at home.