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    Bodybuilding - Lifting - Training - Computers - Want to know more Im private so PM me. I try not to bite..
  1. I'm back

    my liver failed was put on a transplant list to be flown to AKL but before they could my kidneys and heart both failed and I was put into an induced coma I think and approx 5 weeks later they decided to unincubate me and wake me up under heavy sedation I could not even lift my fingers or talk and because of a massive fever and brain swelling my family was told i would be severely brain damaged.. but not the case.. really miraculous if you believe in that type of stuff.. made it back to the gym again today and just excited to be there!
  2. I'm back

    ha squat is my worst lift because i am so tense from working behind computers i hurt my rotar cuff a couple of times but its such a good exercise for the ass.. i just dont have much reach but ill get back on it!!
  3. I'm back

    teamfatboy i actually think it was the training that gave my body the strength to stay alive through it all.. it certainly gave me the drive to walk further everyday on the old people walker and get an early release even though on the second day home i got stuck on the floor for hours till someone came home because i was so weak i could not push myself up from a sitting position -- id been trying to hang clothes up -- my parents had packed up all my stuff to take home after the funeral.. its really good to see you still here ill have to catch up on your journal! i was hospitalized at the end of august cant remember the exact date, out of hospital by october - continuining issues with fevers, bloods, and so weak sitting up or walking to the bathroom would wipe me out fr the rest of the day wanted to start back in january but still had rashes and weird blod things showing up so i couldnt go back - so just this week is my first time back but i finally have no more fatigue the last stopping place was losing most of my hair. It all fell out 3 months after getting out. They said it was the stages of hair growth and I lost all the hair that was growing when I died. EMC - thank you very much drizzt - thanks and i hope to use this site to keep me motivated and got my friends in the US who got me into lifting to support me too.. just a short work out yesterday but my ass is sore so im off in a few for round 2!
  4. I'm back

    heh I wouldnt say i was an unactive poster i spend more time reading but ive posted a fair amount
  5. I'm back

    thank you for all the rewelcomes. Flatout I just died and it was about 5 weeks before they decided to take me off incubation / breathing tube and they didnt know if i would be dead or braindead.. i escaped with some memory loss and short term memory loss other than that my brain seems to be in perfect working order and now my bloods all show normal organ function im excited to be back here!
  6. thanks nate i plan to be clean come comp time.. and yea whos got the fat burning secrets!
  7. just got some of this from a friend.. I'll finish whats left and go for the clen unless anyone has some other ideas to go for what will be a heavy month of cardio and a few weights I MISS THEM... this will be the year to take another look at steroids too pm me with any tips for us ladies!
  8. I'm back

    a serious comeback - i ganed a lot of weight 6 months off at the gym but im planning to drop 7.5kg with lots of cardio the first month and then i can get lifting again - ultimate goal to compete in powerlifting and in the coma I had a repetative dream of a lab growing human heads out of grass.... no white lights... but i lived with less than a one in a million chances and im coming back from having to relearn to walk and talk... I hope been back here and back at the gym today some familiar faces that ill get the bravery to post some pix xoxo
  9. I'm back

    thanks and yep Ive been given the all ok the only lingering issue is now i have a huskyier voice due to vocal cord damage from the breathing tube in the coma.. but Im alive so thats lucky to get away with just that!
  10. I'm back

    I had some serious health issues that caused me to go to hospital for a while and its taken all this time to get approval to start back training. So here I am, not sure if anyone will remember me.. but its good to be back. ~ Queen
  11. Anyone got any experience with these pills?
  12. I have some friends with Chrohns disease. I have something called Gastroparesis. My parents are big on natural medicine they have been trying to convince me to see a homeopathist. I might give her a call though, thnx
  13. What protein powder is everyone using?

    eat me in sexy strawberry.. with water milk bloats me
  14. Hye good to see you We got some catch up to do give me 12 weeks lol Yea, Im going to talk to my GP see if he can recommend anyone went over it at the gym today justy going to see how many good days a week I have with all the meds !
  15. Extreme 9 week challenge

    this is just sad makes me worry about my loved ones.