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    Fierce is super known and I believe as popular as BBG and PWR. Thing is, it's not for everybody because many consider it to have too many jumps and thus find it too exhausting or difficult. But it's a wonderful program and I know many, me included, that have completed it all.
  2. fitness

    what do you think about fitness?
  3. Eat less, or eat mostly whole plant foods. Exercise has a very small effect on weight loss versus diet.
  4. Keto

    There was a great documentary on TV recently, called Fat -v- Sugar, presented by identical twin doctors. One had a carbohydrate diet and the other, no/low carb. It was the one on the predominantly protein & fat (ie not carbs) diet who was just a few points off being diabetic after the one month of the trial. He was advised to stop immediately and was genuinely shocked by the results. Like most of us, he thought his carb-eating brother, (ie sugars of different sorts) would be the one damaging his health. While they showed that sugar's bad for you, food with the combination of 50% sugar/50% fat (eg ice cream or doughnuts) is actually addictive and the #1 culprit in our obesity epidemic. Meanwhile, they also showed that the weight lost on a ketosis diet (non carb), isn't just fat. After all, the body needs to get its energy from somewhere and gets it, not just from fat, but also from your muscle. More than half the weight lost was muscle loss. That can lead to poor health and serious disease including diabetes. Also, of course, the less muscle you have, the less energy you need, so the more excess food is converted to ..... fat! It seems that any 'diet' is a very bad idea for our health. Drs Chris and Xand van Tulleken were the guinea pigs in the Horizon programme on BBC TV. Xand went on a high-fat, low-sugar diet; Chris did the opposite – and ate a carb-loaded diet. They are of course, biologically identical. They share the same DNA, which made them perfect for the experiment. Chris's could eat more calories on his carb-heavy blowout - but still felt hungry. Xand's high-protein/fat diet made him feel fuller as fat tends to suppress hunger. It also has twice the calories, gram for gram than sugar and our body converts fat into body fat more easily. Having said all that – not everyone’s in agreement. Dr Hannah Sutter says their conclusions were based on bad science. Have a look at this: https://whatroseknows.com/keto-bodytone-review/ It’s no wonder so many people are struggling with weight and health. Even when we go to the extra effort to dig deeper to discover how to take care of ourselves – we’re still faced with misleading ‘information’.
  5. Side effects of test e

    hat’s why you run a proper cycle - to avoid negative side effects as much as possible. If you run hCG you won’t have testicular shrinkage, and if you run an AI and keep estrogen under control you won’t likely have ED issues with just test - likely just the opposite. Unless also running a compound that can raise prolactin like deca or tren, which is also easily avoidable by adding caber. This is why it’s important to know the ins and outs of all the anabolic compounds you’re using, what ancillaries to take with them, and how to do everything properly BEFORE you start a cycle. If you run into side effects the best thing for you is to already be educated on what side effects are likely to happen, what is the likely cause, and have something on hand to combat it. Also get blood work done before, during, and after your cycle so you can have a better picture of what’s going on in your body. Take hCG from day one, take an AI from day one, run a proper PCT and you should be fine. There is never a guarantee you will make a full recovery afterward, but you can do a lot to set yourself up for success. The biggest part of that is to educate yourself.
  6. ADHD, Medication and Building Muscle

    I used usual doses, not for too long. Can't remember, exactly how much because it's a long time ago, maybe 500IU or 1000IU. Now I been off of roids for good since-