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  1. Second Cycle - Test E+ Dbol

    - not too many side effects last cycle, just acne on my back in the last few weeks of the cycle - didn't keep many of the gains (covid,etc didnt go gym for 8 months or diet well)
  2. Hey, so I'm doing my second cycle - first one was 500mg test e/week for 12 weeks. im: 74kgs 6'1 (185cm) goal: bulk eating 3500+ calories a day, clean food liv52 liver support + fish oil currently thinking of doing: 2 x injections (first week only 1) of 250mg test e *weeks 1 - 12* 2 x pills a day of 12.5mg/dbol (total 25mg/day) *weeks 1 - 4* pct - nolva 2 weeks after last injection few questions - will it make a difference having only 1 injection the first week? (gyno, etc) - will 25 mg be sufficient - anything else? tips/experience? thanks a bunch
  3. Fake gear?

    I didn't feel much difference till week 4, then I noticed huge strength gains and size gains on the same amount of test e. first time.