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  1. Hey, new here.

    Hey guys, great to be here, hope to get to know a few people as I go through the site, I've got lots of questions and am looking for some help. I've been taking prop and equi for a while, but I'm not seeing any gains, so I decided to add a stack of Dbol and sus, only light stack 25mg Dbol ED and 250 sus once a week to start me off, I'm hoping to see gains soon, my main question is what should I be eating for best results, I'm currently just pushing food in my face with little to no concern for what it is just to bulk but thats not doing it right, I'm working with a tight budget, (single dad, 4 kids) so most of my cash goes to bills and the kids, I eat what they eat mostly just a lot more of it lol. Any help will be taken with great appreciation. Also, I know Dbol and sus cause water retention, whats the best way to combat that without losing any gains made please?