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  1. fitness

    I currently do Lower Body Strength, Upper Body Strength, Full Body Strength, and whatever floats my boat for a 4th resistance session. The very first program I started with was FAH, but there was way too much jumping for me. I dabbled in PWR for a bit then really stuck with HIS with Cass at Home. Great program as well, but too much high intensity long term for me https://enrgifitness.com/goal-for-the-month-schedule-your-healing-time/. I went back to PWR and it's just too much commitment for me right now. I loved loved loved how I looked and felt on PWR, but working out for over an hour 5 days/week was just a lot. And that was with skipping the activations because I hate them, but Kelsey always says she pours her soul into planning every movement so I know they're important and I feel like I'm skimping on the program. I do think if I had more time, I would go back to PWR, but I also have battle ropes and a punching bag at home so I LOVE that FIERCE incorporates both pieces of equipment.
  2. fitness

    I completed Fierce beginner and on week 4 right now. I absolutely LOVE the program. It has more strength workouts than BBG and more high impact endurance workouts (I love battle rope) than PWR. I finished the beginner phase and two or three weeks of both BBG and PWR but find myself get bored of them. One thing I noticed in the community chat was that Fierce requires a lot of equipments and the movements keep changing, so some people might feel overwhelmed. I don’t know about Fierce Zero Equipment or FAH, but for Fierce itself, I always check what equipments I need for the workout and have a general idea where all those equipments are at gym before starting.
  3. Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather?

  4. Anyone still following>?

    Khabib retired so no more fight this or next years. Would suggest you to go and play casino for example best online casino nz - check this list and play for some dollars.
  5. how much is enough Caffeine as a pre-workout

    Preworkouts do contain other beneficial ingredients that will help with endurance, pump, and focus. Many of them do contain creatine that doesn't really have to be used preworkout. If one doesn't a tub can be picked up for cheap with. I don't pay for preworkouts anymore but felt they are worth it when I did. We have a buy 2 for $40 deal on VaporX5 going on now. The link is in my signature if you are interested.
  6. Carnivore Diet

    I cannot offer dietary advice on what tweaks you might need. However, I can say from experience that the Squatty Potty product that helps one assume more of a squatting position at when using the toilet has been helpful for me. It helps certain aspects of my inner self find outer expression.
  7. Anyone still following>?

    yeeea boi
  8. Carnivore Diet

    You’re still going to need a couple of pounds a day, much more than that if you are exercising heavily.
  9. LOW T & TRT

    Ah, interesting. I've always thought when I'm old, I'll take HGH and any other enhancement drug to keep up performance. Why not?
  10. Testosterone boosters

    As I expected. There'd be no positive affects on levels and thus physical improvements unless it was done on a massive scale by raising all your hormone levels and then we begin to stray into topics we can't discuss here. Good to know we all know our stuff