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  1. Probiotics

    Thanks Daz69
  2. Probiotics

    Has anyone used probiotics in a body building capacity to encourage good gut bacteria the hypothesis being better nutrient bioavailability at the digestive level to enhance protein uptake and insulin production for more efficienr glycogen storage?
  3. tribulus terrestris

    🤣🤣🤣 thanks. I’m well but not big enough! Probably need to use to real thing. cdqui, any reliable sources for anabolics?
  4. Anyone had any pre and 4-6 week bloods done while using tribulus terrestris? Just interested if it lifted free testosterone blood serum.
  5. First cycle

    Prove it. Inbox me. I’ll show you several emails from several people who after making Bitcoin payment were never replied to again. No shipping confirmation, no replies to updates. Nothing.
  6. Creatine

    Hi guys, what’s the go on creatine. A few guys at the gym I’ve joined swear the micronised stuff is better. Back in the early 2000’s NFS brought out an alkaline creatine product called Kre-alkalyn (manufactured by All American Nutricuricals) which was marketed as more bioavailable therefore increasing uptake via the krebs cycle and being more effectively stored in muscle tissue with the blood glucose transporting it as part of glycogen storage. Also so people still bother with loading phases or just build up over time with pre and post workout nutrition?
  7. First cycle

    Seotami McSteroids is a scam site.
  8. Scam product site

    Seotami- if it smells like shit and tastes like shit it’s most likely shit.
  9. Hi, anyone know of any 90% protein powders on the market? Back in the day Balance (under Nutralife) did a 5kg tub of WPI unflavoured at 91 grams per 100 but it looks like most of them are around now are 75% and buffered out with maltodexrin. I’ve been adding skim milk powder to Calcitrim milk to take the 5.8 grams per 100mls up to 8grams per 100mls but caeseinates aren’t as easily metabolised as WPI of WPC. Any suggestions on brands/products would be appreciated.
  10. Hi team, just a warning not to order from steroidshop.is despite some good reviews online. They take your bitcoin and then you never here from them again. I’m 44 and three weeks into lifting again after 11 years off. Trained from 16-34 before work (scaffolding) and kids took priority. Anyone who can point me in the right direction for product in Auckland feel free to inbox me. I’m a new member to this forum but can give you a link to my long existing Facebook account to show I’m legit and not some MOH snoop. Cheers.