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  1. Looks like medsafe is slowly but surely cleaning them up..There was another quack called Dr Rosie Horrocks who was prentending to be a mens health clinic working out of Parnell. She charged me some ungodly figure for testosterone lozengers. They way she prescribed it I thought I could take them like lollies.. I thought I could just stop and strat when I wanted to, with out any pct. Which is what I was doing. When I did cardio while sucking on them, they used to make me cough and get all chesty. Cough would last for days. I went to an endo who ordered a blood test. From memory my test levels were 90 nmol/L The endo nearly had a fit lol Last I heard she got shut down by medsafe.. Bloody good job. She was clueless and didn't give a toss how she was prescribing. The whole point of going to a doctor is so its done properly.. There was one other I went to see.. Cant remember his name now.. What struck me as bizzare was when the appointment time came he asked me to meet at his home instead of his office.. When I got there he had a mate with him who was obviously a bodybuilder but looked al fucked up. Hard to explain, but not overly healthy looking.. Anyway, he offered me gear, but believe it or not, and as bizzare as this sounds he offered not only testosterone but estrogen.. He said I needed that as well.. As soon as I heard that I thought this guys clueless so I walked. I heard he got busted and lost his license to practice. Wish I could remember his name.. So they are out there. Its good medsafe is cleaning them up.
  2. frustrated !!!

    Went private? just making sure.. You're not paying for the reandron are you? It's funded that's all.. When the mens clinic were doing TRT stuff they used to charge for their vials of test, when infact its gov funded.. Free..
  3. frustrated !!!

    Mens clinic told me today they will only see people with erectile dysfunction.. I had a bit of an argument with the lady.. I said I thought you guys were the experts in TRT.. She reiterated, they were only there for erectile dysfunction.. Had me scratching my head.
  4. I have been told more than once, that the mens clinic were really just legal drug dealers.. Needing some A.I. I thought I would go in and try my luck.. Nothing to lose right? I didn't want to use U.G A.I if I could help it.. Roids im fine with, but I would rather proper pharama grade A.I.. Anyway, so I gave them a call and asked if I could come see them. The lady asked if I had erection issues. I said no.. She said then we cant help you.. I said, ok so what if I told you I had low testosterone.. She said, sorry cant help you.. I said, I thought you guys were supposed to be the experts in this area.. She said, we only see patients who have erectile dysfunction? So whats up? Was it all b.s about then being helpful or have they had a tune up or something..
  5. To TRT, or not to TRT that is the question.

    http://www.peoplespharmacy.com/2013/05/31/popular-blood-pressure-pills-under-cancer-cloud/ Is Cartia the low dose blood thinning disprin / asprin come under the list of ACE - inhibitors, or ARB's list?
  6. To TRT, or not to TRT that is the question.

    cheers guys, some great reading..
  7. To TRT, or not to TRT that is the question.

    ACE inhibitors or ARB's????? off for a google..
  8. To TRT, or not to TRT that is the question.

    The endo I saw said, they did a study recently, where that many on TRT compared to the placebo group, started dying or having strokes that they had to stop the study. My understanding these were people that had 10 years or more on me, but still scarey stuff. . His idea was to just back off until more studies are done. But how longs that going to take? I don't think its a no brainer Jimmybro. Imagine going back on TRT, having a stroke and going, oh f*ck why didn't I listen to the endo. But no doubt about it, life was better on. Im just trying to nut out if its worth the risk and what the risks are.. Must see if I can find that study again and post it.
  9. To TRT, or not to TRT that is the question.

    One has to wonder, for TRT to cause heart attacks, wouldn't one have to build up to it by using for a while? I mean, if you take and suddenly have a heart attack, isn't it more likey that the issue was already sitting there waiting to happen?
  10. Cant make up my mind. thinking of going back on TRT. great quality of life while on, but what are the dangers? Well if the endo I saw was correct and going by wiki he is, then there are definite dangers of heart attack and stroke as we get older. Cant make up my mind if its worth the risk. " "THE Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated in 2015 that neither the benefits nor the safety of testosterone have been established for low testosterone levels due to ageing.[18] The have required the label to increase information about the possibility of an increased risk of heart attacks and stroke.[18] On January 31, 2014, reports of strokes, heart attacks, and deaths in men taking testosterone-replacement led the FDA to announce that it would be investigating this issue.[19]FDA's action followed three peer-reviewed studies of increased cardiovascular events and deaths.[20] Also in November 2013, a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported an increase of 30% in deaths and heart attacks in older men.[21]" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Androgen_replacement_therapy#Diabetes_and_testosterone
  11. Andriol testocaps

    Viking, re using andriol for tapering or weaning your self off. this thread doesn't talk about using andriol, but it does explain tapering off as a viable method of coming off a cycle. So that andriol you have just may come in real handy some time.. http://www.gymnation.co.nz/topic/18091-endocrinologist-in-aucks-any-recommedations/
  12. Andriol testocaps

    Viking, I just found this on the net.. might be an interesting read for you.. Andriol "1. Use for Depression Depression is an area where the average BB might find Andriol useful. It has been shown from the work done on hypogonadal men that (subject to dose) Andriol relieves, and indeed can eliminate, the depression induced by low serum T levels. Given that many BB suffer, among other things, from depression and low natural testosterone level when coming off a heavy AS cycle, Andriol could have a role as a heavy cycle taper. There are also indications that Andriol relieves depression in males with normal testosterone levels . Of course, Andriol is an expensive anti-depressant; St. John's Wort works for many just as well and is cheaper. 2. Use for Taper Even those who do not suffer from cycle termination depression would find Andriol an effective, but expensive, taper. For example, taper out of Sustanon with primobo-depot and Andriol; reducing the primobo-d at a rate such that the final taper element is low Andriol at low dosage. 3. Use for Bridge Another use for Andriol is as a 'bridge' between cycles. In this respect it is perhaps more useful than 50mg deca -durabolin , and certainly safer than testosterone enanthate . However, in a bridging role Andriol (in common with other AS) will not allow the recovery of the natural testosterone production nor allow receptor recovery if taken at high doses. 4. Use for Stack Andriol can also be used as part of a stack of, for example, deca-durabolin + primobo-depot and/or Anavar . But in such cases Andriol should be viewed as a supplement to, and not as the backbone of, the stack. Here one would be seeking to benefit from the SHBG suppression and synergistic effects referred to above. Andriol can be stacked with any AS. WAR for example suggests: Oxandrolone (p40, 225), deca-durabolin (p41, 84), oral-turinabol (p217), and primobolan -depot (p240). "
  13. 5 vials

    I was on a high dose of andriol and tried to come off cold turkey.. I felt like utter crap. Very depressed.. So I started using again, but at a very low dose... I dropped the dose down to the bare minimum of 2 caps per day... Then I went to an endo who told me to get off it.. He took my bloods and said due to the low dose of test I was now on, my pituitary gland had kicked back in and I was producing enough test to just stop. He said by checking my FSH and LH levels, he could see I was more or less running on my own test... And so I did, I stopped cold turkey and no down time at all.. I cant help but wonder if this approach could be used for weaning your self off after doing a cycle.. Just take andriol at a high dose and slowly lower it until you get down to two caps per day.. At that stage, your pituitary gland should kick back in and you should start making your own test.. PCT the easy way???
  14. Andriol testocaps

    Its pointless taking them on their own if your goal is to bulk.. Don't waste your time. and no they wont cause bitch tits.. the test you'll absorb from them is quite low... They are for TRT.. Fairly useless for bulking, although they can have their uses, they are really just a medicine.. You could use them for cruising, or possibly for PCT.. See my post re PCT in your other thread. .. :-)
  15. Cycle cost

    Silverfern, how did you get on.. Did you ever get them through?? Just curious..