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  1. So I'm coming to the tail end of my first cycle. 300mg of Sustanon shot once per week. First 6 weeks I did a German Volume Training program and have put on decent muscle mass and dropped fat to the point that i'll need a new belt soon. Focusing purely on strength and performance for the final 6. Quite happy and I'm thinking of getting back on the gear after a decent PCT break For PCTs I'm planning on a 4 week break followed by Nolvadex on a schedule of 20/20/10/10 mg per day over 4 weeks. So 20mg per day first and second week, 10mg per day third and fourth week. Other than eating clean and optimising my sleep, is there anything I can do to mitigate side effects and bounce back faster? Cheers
  2. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Thanks for your in depth reply. I'm currently preparing for an OSB. Do you have any advice on what to expect and how to prepare? I understand that they're looking for the right character traits and behaviour patterns so you can't 'hack' it so to speak. But I'd like to put myself on an even playing with the guys who are already soldiers or have friends that have successfully completed the selction. Cheers
  3. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    on induction you'll be fine. If you can't beat the minimum score at the end of basic then you'll have to worry.
  4. New Guy Here

    I've never been one for forums but I've recently moved in NZ and i'm looking to connect with like minded people. I have academic experience in science and psychology. My two careers so far have been military and an executive position at a sports nutrition manufacturing company. Happy to discuss any of the above, particularly the sports nutrition industry. I have several years of import/export and sales strategy experience, although i'm happily out of that game now.
  5. ADHD, Medication and Building Muscle

    ADHD is associated with abnormal executive function, so there's little correlation between ADHD and abnormal nervous system or endocrine function. However, there is emerging evidence to suggest that ADHD could be caused by low norepinephrine (which is a hormonal neurotransmitter produced in the Adrenal Medula). Pure speculation but people with ADHD could have some hormonal abnormalities. As yet, there is not evidence that I have seen suggesting ADHD causes abnormal Testosterone synthesis or muscle growht. HOWEVER: 1. ADHD is characterised by impulsiveness, risk taking, stimulation seeking and a general lack of consistency over time. These general traits lend themselves to behaviours that are unhealthy over the long run. Cutting out junk and artificial additives can see huge improvements, as can consistent sleep (lack of blue light before bed, temperature regulation and correct nasal breathing whilst sleeping). 2. ADHD medication such as Ritalin are CNS stimulants via the sympathetic pathway. This reduces appetite and increases metabolism. Perhaps your friend is simply not eating enough? From personal experience I find ADHD medication works far better and lasts longer in a fasted state, your friend could be in the habit of not eating to get better results from his meds. 3. Quitiapine is a complex substance with wide ranging effects in the body so I can't comment. But it suggests that he's had trouble sleeping in the past? I recommend looking into ways to optimise sleep. Sure, it's not as fancy as another drug or sarm to cycle, but it's where most people are severely lacking. If his sleep and nutrition are nailed down then perhaps it would pay to start looking into other things, but those two things are foundational for a reason.
  6. nzdf army 2.4km run anyone know any more about it

    Hey dude don't worry about it too much. I've seen people completely f*ck the entry level run up and still get on a basic. However, being as fit as possible makes you a more attractive candidate to recruiters. So if you nail the fitness and cognitive tests then you'll have a better chance of getting the trade you want in a quicker time. The real test that matters is the RFL and CFT toward the end of the 16 week basic training. So if you're fit when you go, you're gonna have an easier go of it. My advice is to get as fit as possible prior to shipping off. It's one less thing to worry about. You're gonna be stressed and tired on basic. The less stressed you are about fitness then the more mental capacity you're gonna have for learning your weapons drills and potentially helping your other section members with their shit when they're lagging. Good luck mate