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  1. LOW T & TRT

    If you want to boost insulin sensitivity then UP the white sugar, carbs etc and CUT OUT the oils, fat etc. The researcher Himsworth who coined the term 'insulin resistance/sensitivity' would put patients on high fat diets to boost insulin resistance and then put them on high sugar/low fat diets to boost the insulin sensitvity. Anyone can try this and prove to themselves. It is how I stay at 4-8% body fat all year - LOW FAT TO NO FAT DIET! :)
  2. Prescription medication for personality

    You sound like you typing on pingers already haha. Im 42. Best thing for guys like you is TOTAL sobrietary for a few years. No caffeine, no pills etc. Just carbs, early nights and lots of sun and water! :)
  3. ADHD, Medication and Building Muscle

    Zero point taking anything until you know what your hormones are right now. What is is free test, hemoglobin, e2 and shbg? How old? Height and weight? Better not to mix meds with peptides. That can be a real bad experiment for some people who already have mental epidsodes :(