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  1. First cycle

    Hi I'm looking for views on my first cycle. I'm 23 year old male and 160lb. Fairly lean. Week 1-12/ 400mg Test E per week Week 2-12/ 1mg arimidex EOD (do I need to do this??? Or just wait for signs to reach for AI's) PCT I would go Nolva 40/40/20/20. Starting it 2 weeks after my last shot. I have now looked more into HCG but will I need this? Will my body recuperate quickly considering its first cycle? I've always had high libido. I am also going to pay for bloodwork at week 5 so what is the optimum hormone levels for Estrogen and Testosterone during cycle? I will get more bloodwork done during PCT but I would just like some opinions on my first cycle and wether you feel i should change anything. Thanks!