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  1. Advice

    ok been cruising on test e 250mg a week for around 18 weeks now, have put on roughly 9 kg working my guts out at the gym and eating correctly,, i cant see where the weight is , the only thing i can see is my little muscles feel harder Im going to start to stack, i want to see some size I have plenty of test e Have deca 200 Tren a 100 What can i use in a 6-8 week cycle ontop of the test to see some size??? Seriously guys im losing motivation I will be upping the test to compensate aswell Plz help me get motivated again im sitting at 69kg
  2. Would like advice

    Oh righto, was just going off what my gp wants me to do, so just have a break inbetween then
  3. Would like advice

    Cheers mate, how long do i go on tamoxifen for inbetween cycles
  4. Would like advice

    How long should i run for my first cycle Then what would be recommended to run for my 2nd cycle for bulk/muscle gain and for how long Cheers
  5. Hi guys, im a first time user, ive been running 250gm/1ml of test e every sunday for 5 weeks now, i feel good and have put on close to 7kg but have no idea where lol, i have next to no body fat, i want to up it to 500mg a week, 1ml monday and 1ml and thursday, would this be beneficial at all for bulking and muscle gain, im eating anything and everything and training at least 2 times a day,morning and night Only running test e as its my first cycle Any advice would be great Cheers Oh ive gone from skin and bone at 64kg to this pic at 71.3kg