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  1. ADHD, Medication and Building Muscle

    Quetiapine in general, quetiapine for muscle growth (or interacting with mk677) or quetiapine for ADHD? Thanks Daz really appreciate your input. He's struggles to shift out of his current training mindset but is well aware his training and nutrition both need to be honed in. Crazy though,his lifts could put him in a powerlifting competition tomorrow - the guys ridiculously strong. I really really appreciate everyone's input. No need to dial back for politeness just tell it straight and I'll relay politely ;) Thinking of trying him on mk677 for a week at 2.5mg nightly. Not to gauge on strength but on how it interacts with his meds and get an overall gauge on any change in wellbeing. Yes he could go 5 or 10 but a babystep approach here is safest
  2. ADHD, Medication and Building Muscle

    Or does already having ADHD during childhood or the introduction of medication during childhood present hormonal changes that could extend onto adulthood? Especially during the pre-pubescent stages? Anyone with ADHD please chime in. My boys a beast and deserves to look like one!
  3. I have a friend who is ADHD, taking ritalin and quetiapine.. he's beyond strong but has difficulty adding muscle mass which I'm baffled on. His training needs honing in but tbh any average Joe would see results from the same application of training so my question is 1. Does Ritalin or Quetiapine affect hormonal levels, test, natural hgh levels etc And 2. Can he take a sarm such as rad140 or mk677 without adding any strain to his system. Will it work or are his natural hormonal levels already/or will become too compromised? Thank you
  4. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    Idk about that combo man, it looks impressive but is it effective? Cramming a whole heap in together doesn't necessarily mean it's a muscle building weapon but could rather potentially just be.. a weapon. Don't discredit the name but "more plates more dates" on YouTube has one of the scientifically knowledgeable and applicable channels on YT and goes in depth about SARMs a lot. You'll find some good stuff there. That combo could shut you down hard, some say SARMs do and some say SARMs don't so do your research and enjoy the gains ;)

    Nice vid! Love a bit of David Laid for motivation. Did you make it yourself? Thanks for sharing 😊
  6. Critique my body

    Nothing to critique, you look AMAZING! Thor has landed
  7. Females and SARMs

    Thanks for your suggestions, I've wondered that too. Hard to find 10 or 25mg that I can split into smaller dosages, found 100 but gee.. hard to get that down to 5mg :P So stay away from SARMs?
  8. Covid 19 Home Gyms Set Ups

    You're all so lucky, these gym setups look professional! My brothers got the power rack (bugger) but my folks still have a few dumbbells varying from 1kg to 20kg (plates) a couple of different sized resistance bands (all hail the assisted chin up ) and a wealth of room to throw them all around. Tbh I'm really lucky! Couldn't imagine a lockdown without them.. scary :P Hope everyone's keeping sane, safe and swole xox
  9. Females and SARMs

    Hey guys, I'm just your average girl who enjoys a good gym session and mowing down food after. Never been a supplements person, my genetics and growth is overall pretty good considering.. my question is, what SARMs can females take with good gains? Sides of different SARMs eg ligandrol/mk/rad etc (real cases would be awesome, not just speculation Effect on anxiety and depression? Should I just take the pill and experiment via hormone level adjustment? Nice answers & good manners only please 😊