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  1. DHEA in pct ?

    Stay on the test. Do a fast to heal the body
  2. juice & customs

    id rather try my luck thru customs and a reputable website than go local with the amount of scam artist and olive oil giving people abscesses and bunk gear fucking them up.
  3. So Which Peptides are legal ?

    You combine GHRP 6 with something like Mod-grf 129, and it creates a big GH release or "pulse" as you would best describe it( kind of like a heart beat), but this pulse/ release only lasts for a short period( Hours). The "pulse" during that period sends your GH levels far higher than what you would get from using synthetic GH. However we're only talking a couple of hours here, then your GH levels go back to normal. Where is when you inject synthetic GH, your levels are elevated less, but for prolonged periods
  4. Info / Experience with Peptide only cycles

    BTW http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak ... 4214_n.jpg
  5. Info / Experience with Peptide only cycles

    I was talking to a mate in Aussie about them thats all.Easier to get over here. So went to the main source of information to find out more, I dont have that kind of money to spend and cant be fucked with AAS due to allot of what Mr Tom described above. Cheers for the responses, Always interested in researching new things.
  6. Any info would be good, Been looking at certain compounds as an alternative to a steroid cycle but better than OTC supps. Some info i read and got is below.
  7. Femara: Heel pain

    yea i agree cheers for the responses. Check google for Femera Heel Pain allot do get this same thing i experienced but i guess i have damage long term from it. I have had an MRI of Archillies and heel - everything was normal apart from some fluid around Bursa - Had cortizone into bursa - still the same. I have also used insets in shoes, new shoes, custom insoles etc ... best results i have are keeping active, stretching, keeping weight / diet in check, massage, good shoes etc. Maybe some HGH would clear it up
  8. Femara: Heel pain

    hi mate cheers for that Yea i did some research online into Women using Femera for cancer treatment Googled it and found that ALLOT experience the same thing i did / still am But why i cant get rid of it is the real issue now.
  9. Femara: Heel pain

    In Heels / Achilles? Also forgot to add i saw 2 Podiatrist - prob the most bullshit profession in this country. complete waste of money But yea, im way better than what i was but still not 100% from before it and its been years. But the more years that pass the better it gets No one has any explanation for it?
  10. Femara: Heel pain

    Hi guys any info or experiences would be great. would be about 4 years ago now i used Fem at the end of a longish cycle - maybe 1 1/2 off and on with on bit of pct along the way. I cant remember dose nor time on it but during that time i started getting Heel pain, mainly in the mornings out of bed - after discontinuing i continued to get this pain, and it got allot worse to the point where bare feet and jandals over the next 2 years where not an option, i had MRI, physio (1 year straight), anti inflams (killed my guts), Injection of cortizone and nothing really has ever helped. Over the last year it has imporved with allot of stretching and exercise. It still gives me shit every day esp after a big run but i can manage it. I take Fermented Cod liver oil and Cold pressed evening primrose now for supplements which may be helping. any advice to get these back to normal or anything at all would be great. its been hell at times - just glad i can play some sport and be normal again but still would be great to get these to 100% one day.

    Good to see this series is still going all these years later
  12. Vege diet for TOP boxer

    100% we are, We need Fatty meat, veg and some carbs. Not too much but. BOdy will use Fat for energy if we eat enough of it and dont carb load
  13. Vege diet for TOP boxer

    But at what cost? no cost, this is a natural way to eat.
  14. Help me lose my gut please!

    stop all carbs. end.
  15. Vege diet for TOP boxer

    so unhealthy for humans to eat this way Hunter Gatherer is the best way to eat. eat Fatty meats first then Vege last. No need for much carbs... Kumara cooked with the fats of the meat is enough Raw milk , butter - no oils. BOOM! #BEAST