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  1. PCT or no PCT

    Get some Nolvadex and some Aramosin. Nolvadex can have a rebound so both will work well to reset estrogen issues. Diet is huge aswell. Eat clean whole foods and look into fasting 18hrs each day with a 6hr eating window. All this will help the body reset. Avoid alcohol and soy / processed foods.
  2. PCT or no PCT

    What have you used for it so far?
  3. Erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety etc

    How's your diet and overall health? Do you use steroids?
  4. Game Changers

  5. Steroid side effects

    Its not as bad as the classic sterotypes would have you believe but it obviously does occur. As far as your partner noticing i guess she could but maybe having that conversation first is the best approach. They will come back to full size post cycle if done right.
  6. Cialis

    You don't need a script you just need a good source
  7. Labtests NZ

    Never found a sensitive e2 test in nz. Do the normal and judge it on how you feel and look physically and emotionally
  8. Trt e2 levels help

    I don't believe any labs in nz do the e2 sensitive test
  9. Trt e2 levels help

    Awesome bro cheers for the reply
  10. Trt e2 levels help

    If this helps
  11. Trt e2 levels help

    Hi people. Currently using 250mg / week test e and having to use aramosin 12.5mg mon/thurs injection days to keep some bloating and nip sensitivity/puffiness down. Latest bloods are attached, unsure if i should try lower this even more or if this level is some what ok. Feeling pretty good but want to find that perfect spot. I see allot of numbers being thrown around of 30pmol or 70pmol.. its one thing i don't want to do is crash my e2 so I'm being cautious with the ai
  12. DHEA in pct ?

    Stay on the test. Do a fast to heal the body
  13. juice & customs

    id rather try my luck thru customs and a reputable website than go local with the amount of scam artist and olive oil giving people abscesses and bunk gear fucking them up.
  14. So Which Peptides are legal ?

    You combine GHRP 6 with something like Mod-grf 129, and it creates a big GH release or "pulse" as you would best describe it( kind of like a heart beat), but this pulse/ release only lasts for a short period( Hours). The "pulse" during that period sends your GH levels far higher than what you would get from using synthetic GH. However we're only talking a couple of hours here, then your GH levels go back to normal. Where is when you inject synthetic GH, your levels are elevated less, but for prolonged periods