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  1. Getting syringes and needles in NZ

    This might sound kinda dumb because i did not have this in the country i came from...... Do they sell those luer lock 1ml syringes? and do you need a prescription to get those syringes and needles??
  2. Hey guys, where do you all usually get your syringes and needles in NZ? or is there a website that i could buy them from?
  3. Hey there!

    Hello lads! Found this site when i was researching "juice" and bodybuilding culture in NZ before moving there to stay and work with a family member of mine in a few years. Hopefully, with the bodybuilding and "juice" knowledge that lies here, i would be able to find a way to get the "juice" and compete on a professional level at least once. stats: Age: 21 Height: 5'5 Weight: 77kg Days spent in the iron church: 4-5 times a week Years spent in the iron church: 4th year done, moving onto the 5th year now Diet: Top notch when serious, rock bottom when f*ck all. Cardio: 3-5 times a week fasted on the bike depending on goals