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  1. First Test E cycle - questions

    Just starting fourth week now and had bloods done test level show normal does this mean the gear must be fake?. No other sides, but up to 84.1kg. Increased calories madly though since starting. Thanks all @AKL and delts seem abit keen, I just went with glutes.
  2. Hey all Been lifting for seven years naturally,(25)Currently thinking its time to hop on a cycle of just test e at 250mg - 300 mg a week for 12 weeks. Currently sitting at 81kg at 175cm relatively lean 10-11% bf. with this sort of dosage will I make a noticeable increase in lean muscle for a first cycle or should the dosages be higher? Also how many kg's increase would be the normal' for a first cycle? When pinning is it easy to feel the needle pierce the muscle after going through the subcutaneous fat or sometimes unnoticeable ?