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  1. Ibutamoren MK-677

    I got mine from sarms .co.nz It arrived and looks the part. I haven't tried it yet though. Trying to research more and see who has taken it from their website. Making sure its nothing cut or dangerous. The stuff on their website to back it up is from a company in Usa. I don't think it's legal and isn't classed as a sarm. From what I've heard it's a mild drug too
  2. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    Their orders ship quick, but I'm still unsure how legit the pills are. Could be cut down with some other stuff, who knows. Their website approach is pretty straight up with the wording and all not trying to bullshit with fakes, the testing lab report used on their website is from a real company in USA. Any one taken their pills yet and had results? I'm looking for more proof they are legit. Just over a 100 likes on their Facebook page, but as you guys are saying these guys are kinda new ?? I also heard they are a sister company for an Aus sarms website.
  3. Sarmz.co.nz - Anyone tried - Legit?

    The service is quite fast and the pills have white powder in them. I haven't tried them yet though. Still researching to prove how legit they are. The testing firm they used on their website is a real company based in the USA and the other file looks like it could be from China but that's just a guess. Has any one been on their pills and found them ok with results