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  1. not feeling dbol end of 2nd week

    it gave me blood pressure issues but I was dealing with it with cardio and water intake I'm not saying it's supposed to feel like that what I'm saying is I even lost the sides I had from it as well even at more dose than before. I feel as if I'm off it
  2. I'm on test e and dbol cycle and always had weird heartbeats and palpitations when on them. only ran dbol for the past week and a half and at the start I definitely felt it punch me but damn is it non existent now. I'm taking triple (90mg) of what I was taking and still not even the slightest feeling. not feeling hot or light-headed it's just.... as if I'm not taking anything... could it be that my body got used to the compound? anyone else have similiar effects? I tried taking 30mg preworkout in my first week and it was legendary but now I've got no feeling even with 60mg pre workout.....
  3. dbol is considered more effective at mass building but is that because of the water retention at the non muscular tissue? does winstrol not increase glycogen stores like dbol? or are we bro science'ng this by looking at how much dbol holds water and increases strength and calling it more anabolic just because winstrol doesn't hold water and therefore makes you look not as big? would one still not get as much lean muscle mass on 50mg winny than they would on 30mg dbol? don't get me wrong I'm on 50mg dbol right now on top of my test (finishing off the cycle with dbol) and it is doing wonders so I'm asking this out of curiosity
  4. I'm in the third week of my test E cycle right now and I've been thinking about doing 16 weeks and maybe even do tren 250mg for the last 8 weeks and my question is; is arimidex only good for on cycle estrogen control? or can we use it near the end of the cycle so that we don't get aromitization as we pin the last AAS dose