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  1. Help with power rack

    Thanks for the advice yea I bought a cheap beginners 50kg dumbbell and barbell set from there and a bench press when I first started. The bench is pretty wobbly and the barbell snapped in half and the replacement barbell took almost a month to get to me I'm not sure who's worse Mainfreight or torp7. Here is a rack I've been looking at just lately https://www.elitefitness.co.nz/strength/power-racks-cages/silverback-rack-2-0 where I live I'm around 2 hours drive from any place that sells weights equipment unfortunately so I'm doing my best to find good reviews and advice hopefully.
  2. Help with power rack

    Hi I have $1500 nzd and I am looking to get my first power rack and weights to go with it . I have been looking for myself but for someone with no experience New Zealand seems very limited in choices.
  3. New gym equipment

    I am looking for a power rack and about 150kg worth of weights with a 7ft bar. Everything I've found in NZ is very expensive or will take months to get here. I found this on trade me and it looks like a good deal but I know very little about these things and was hoping to get some advice. Power rack : https://www.trademe.co.nz/sports/exercise-equipment-weights/home-gyms-benches/listing-2474414174.htm?rsqid=cb8080be5d304464808b3eb772ca20c3-001 4x1.25kg 6x2.5kg 4x5kg 2x10kg 2x15kg 2x20kg total 130kg steel weight plates 1x 7ft 20kg bar 700LB 1x power cage total: $1280.00