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  1. First cycle help

    Being your first cycle go to those 250 MG to understand how it works inside of you (sidesizes, gyne, etc). Other option is starting with a front load of 500mg the first week and the rest 250. Thinking it's enanth.
  2. New Here

    Hi all, it's Blin here, new living between Takanini and Papakura. Bodybuilding is one of my passions and a way of life. I'm looking for good brands of proteins, supplements, diuretics and shops to buy them (physic or web) because you have differents from my country in Europe, I don't know the most of them, what's the best, you recommend, labs, etc. And if it was possible I would like to find a good dealer near o not from me. I'm not sure if this is the way but I don't meet anybody here and I maybe it's a bad idea taking from overseas. Of course you can delete my text if it's not the correct way and welcome to all. Stay strong. Blin.