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  1. NZ customs are hundies 😂 I’d say there’s truly only a 5% it makes it through customs
  2. In need of help with getting bigger in size

    Current Lifts maxes?, body type?, height? everyone is different so it’s best to train according to your guidelines for optimal results
  3. Beginner Cycle Advice

    Hey mate, 500mgs of Test-E is a overhyped cycle, but it is definitely a good starting cycle as you can see how your body reacts to the compound with minimum sides. I’d advise to inject twice a week Monday and Thursday as it will get you into a good routine and will help you understand the importance of keeping your blood levels stable if you were to jump on other compounds in the future. I’d say if you’re fairly lean to no use an AI as your gains will be greater if you’re estrogen is a little higher, and you won’t convert as much compared to someone with a higher body fat %. I’d advise to only use it if you see noticeable bloating or get sore nipples. It you shouldn’t experience any bloating if you’re eating clean. It is true you will gain about 12-15 kgs over the course of your cycle but only around 4-8kgs will be muscle and the rest being water. All those gains will be kept depending on how experienced you are gunning before you started your first cycle regardless of PCT or not. If you’re advance you’re more likely to lose gains, but if you’re around the beginning to high novice you’ll be sweet. But yeah 250mg split twice a week isn’t bad, you can always start at 300mgs and increase it to 500mgs after a couple weeks
  4. Keto

    lemon pepper tuna, eggs, bacon, steak, avocado, crackle, pork, the list goes on. Depends on goals aswell. First 3 months of training I was able to build muscle and lose fat. Starting weight was 91kg after 3 months dropped down to 78 kgs with all my lifts going up in the gym. That diet consisted of intermittent fasting, being on a good keto diet which consisted off 1 can of Lemon pepper tuna to break my fast at lunch then have my next meal 5.30 which consisted of just meat, snacked on pork crackle and had my protein shake to keep my protein high
  5. Side effects of test e

    You'll be right mate. Don't take an AI to maximise gains if you're running a low dose. Start taking the AI when your nipples get sore or if you notice bloating.