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  1. PCT or no PCT

    Thanks so much. Greatly appreciated
  2. PCT or no PCT

    Hi…total newbie here…I’m 51…been lifting for a long time…had some bloodwork done was told by my doc that I was “low normal” for test. 5”9 170lbs lean. Picked up some test-e (on my own, not prescribed) took 1ml (250mg) every two weeks. The duration of my experience started in June with an injection of 250mg of test-e, two weeks later another of the same with another 250mg two weeks after that. I started noticing itchy puffy nipples. The whole gyno thing had me freaking out so I decided to taper. I halved the dose to 125mg, then down to 75mg and continued halving the dose until my last injection. That was about six weeks ago. I am still experiencing itchy puffy nipples. Lethargy. Decreased libido. I have been taking an over the counter test booster (mutant test- main ingredients fenugreek, tribulus, tongkat ali), as well as a DIM supplement and I recently added 25mg of dhea. Is there anything else I should be doing or not doing? My fear is developing full on gyno as well as a continued loss of libido. When can I expect things to normalize?