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  1. PCT or no PCT

    Any other info?.....This board went quiet....waiting for some input....Helooooo? :)
  2. PCT or no PCT

    So...testosterone numbers came in... Testo - 19.3nmol/l normal values are 9.5 - 30 Sex Hormone - 51.8nmol/l normal values are 11.0 - 50.0 (some articles state the normal range 10.0 - 57.0) Testo, bioavail - 7.5nmol/l normal values 4.8 - 14.0 So it looks like (according to this test) that my sex hormone being a touch high indicates lower than normal testosterone. I'm thinking that these numbers are leveling out because i am feeling much better. The whole gyno thing did have me freaking out because my nipples and the area around my nipples have changed. Nipples are bigger and i have a slight blanching of the skin surrounding the nipple (kind of a bulls eye). The itchiness has subsided but it still rears it's head (slightly) at certain times of the day. I'm hoping everything will return to normal as the numbers return to normal. I felt amazing when i took the test. It is really tempting to try it again but start at a much lower dose like maybe 75mg (0.3ml) every 7-10 days rather than 250mg (1ml) every two weeks. Still not sure as i don't want to end up in this predicament again. Thanks for all the info. Comments and suggestions welcome.
  3. PCT or no PCT

    So..numbers came in...everything but the test numbers ...estradiol serum - 112 pmol/l normal - less than 162pmol/l...prolactin 6.8ng/ml - normal 3.5 - 19.4...TSH - 1.233 - normal - 0.350 - 4.940 mIU/LNo flags in the CBC/DiffI’ll post the test numbers when I receive them So by the looks of it my estradiol is on the high end of normal...so hopefully that means it is decreasing or regaining homeostatic levels...I’m sure my test will come back below normal but hopefully that is levelling out as well. Feeling better
  4. PCT or no PCT

    Thanks...yeah I did think about that. I did have bloodwork done last year and my doc said I was “low normal”. So I went with that and purchased the test-e on my own. When I eventually did see the actual numbers of my blood work..I wasn’t low normal...some where in the middle...anyway went for bloodwork again today..bio test, estrogen, prolactin, CBC, liver profile. Results should be in in a week or so. I’ll keep you posted. For what it’s worth I do feel somewhat normal today.
  5. PCT or no PCT

    Yes I’ve considered that. It’s puzzling because I really researched it prior to jumping on the hoarse. I thought I was starting out considerably lower than some guys. 1ml (250mg) of Test-E every two weeks. Compared to the 500-750 weekly some guys inject. From what I researched I was starting at such a low dose that estrogen aromatization wouldn’t be an issue. And the fact I was on it for such a short time and tapered off was also supposed to be a good thing. Anyway I did have bloodwork done a couple years ago and my doc said my test was “low normal”...so that started me on this “adventure”. But when I actually seen the numbers I was well within the normal range (I seen this after I started the test and was experiencing issues). So I’d like to give my doc a kick in the jewels but ultimately it was me who filled the syringe and pushed it in my thigh. Hopefully I’ll get some bloodwork done soon (same doc unfortunately) and hopefully I’ll get some solid advice and direction
  6. PCT or no PCT

    I’ve used a few over the counter pct products. First was 5% Nutrition Post Gear PCT...contained a hefty amount of DAA, DIM, long jack, vitamin D and other vitamins and herbs...took the whole bottle...didn’t really seem to do anything...things may have even gotten worse...then I tried Mutant Test...main ingredients..fenugreek and Tribulus...I added DIM with that as well...didn’t seem to do anything...might have also gotten worse..now I’m taking nothing...just eating right...exercising...etc...hoping for the best...hard to get my hands on nolvadex or anything like that...
  7. PCT or no PCT

    Nipples still itchy and puffy. It’s been months since my last injection. I can go for a stretch without any symptoms. But then wake up in the morning with extremely itchy nipples...scratch them...then have to put up with sore leaky nipples for a few days. Not really sure what to do at this point. I suppose blood work should be in order. I’ll have to make an appointment with my Doc, but I was hoping things would level out on their own. Any advice?
  8. Side effects of test e

    Thanks for the info...yes you're right. you definitely get what you paid for. I did research what product I was going to use and even thought there was conflicting advice on injection frequency, dosage etc I went with test-e. I was reading about these guys injecting 500mg or more on a weekly or twice weekly basis and then having to add the AI's etc. I didn't want that. I just wanted to go minimal, like I said...top up my levels. From what I read it appeared that a lower dose (which I thought 250mg bi weekly would be) wouldn't need the addition of an AI to keep estrogen at bay. When the itchy puffy nipples started I was concerned, but from what I read, most articles stated it would settle down. It didn't really. So I tapered off. I work hard in the gym, always have been natty. I've used test boosters (bogus products I know) through the years and always looked down on these veiny freakish roid users at the gym. My goal wasn't to become one of them. I wasn't looking to gain, just maintain. When my doc said I was low normal for test it made sense. Yes I'm 52. Things are liable to change but I was hoping to maybe put my levels up to where they were say 20 years ago. And I have to say, that first 2 weeks...damn...I felt like twenty something again. But the thought of developing "man boobs" kinda put a negative swing on things. I think things are stabilizing. It's been quite a while since my last injection. You know, I felt amazing those first 2 weeks, but have felt like crap since. I'm just not sure if it's worth it. If you have any advice for me I'd greatly appreciate it. Do I hit an AI like Novadex at this point? Do I start again? Or do I just ride it out
  9. Side effects of test e

    Don't start...seriously...but that's just my inexperienced opinion. I was interested in taking testosterone after I had some blood work done and was told by my doc that I was "low normal". Now I've been bodybuilding for years. In good shape. Eat healthy. I'm 52 and I was noticing a dip in energy, libido, overall wellbeing. So I broke my own rule and diagnosed myself. You know what they say...if you treat yourself you have a fool as a patient...I figured I must have low test not just low normal as my doc had said. So I researched it. Discovered that Test-e would be good, but I would start it at a much much lower dose than most bodybuilders do. My plan was just to "top up my levels" if you will. I found some online, ordered it and a few days later it was in my mailbox. I started with a 1ml(250mg) IM injection. Easy enough, and I have to say within a day or two I felt amazing. Really amazing. My plan was to inject every two weeks. So I injected another 1ml two weeks to the day after my first injection. Then within a few days of that injection my nipples started getting puffy and itchy, my stomach felt bloated and I just didn't "feel right". So back to google I went. Damn...could this be gyne? From what I was reading, yes it could be. So I decided..nah...I don't want this so I took the advice of the internet "geniuses" and decided that my next injection would be half a ml and I would continuing halving the dose until I was done. So I tapered off. That was months ago and I'm still not the same. Nipples are still itchy...extremely itchy at times. Libido has been in the basement. Sense of wellbeing not nearly as good. According to the research I should have been able to come off easy due to the low dose and short duration of the cycle. But I'm tellin ya, it's not that simple. I'm hoping things stabilize. But I'm also hoping I didn't mess my system up for good. So I guess I'm saying...don't start. But like I said in the beginning I am inexperienced. Google is not a good endocrinologist. Do your research before sticking yourself with needles.
  10. PCT or no PCT

    I took test-e. 1ml (250mg) injection. Two weeks later the same. I then noticed the itchy puffy nipples, got kinda freaked out so I lowered the dose to half a ml (125mg) two weeks later. And kept halving the dose every two weeks until I stopped. It’s been over a few months now since the last injection and I’m still not feeling right. Nipples still flare up, weird skin rash (extremely itchy) comes and goes, libido down,,,I’m thinking of picking up some nolvadex and trying that...
  11. PCT or no PCT

    And also...lol...with regards to my nipples. Can gyne occur even months after stopping test? The itchiness is bothersome, but the thought of developing full on gyne is extremely troubling. I try not to scratch but when it becomes unbearable I have to..and then I pay for it for a few days. There seems to be a bit of clear discharge, similar to a blister being busted, puffiness, and a weird blanching to the skin area directly around the areola. I’m at a loss here. Kind of freaking out a bit. Not sure what to do. Thanks
  12. PCT or no PCT

    In addition to the other post. I stopped the test booster shortly after my initial post. The only thing I’m taking at the moment is a multi and the DIM product as mentioned above.
  13. PCT or no PCT

    FYI..it’s been months since I stopped. I’m still experiencing itchy nipples and an extremely itchy rash that comes and goes on the back of each shoulder and on each flank. The nipples are extremely troubling. My test regime was low and short. I never did a pct due to the cycle being low dose, short, and tapered. I have been using a DIM product daily but that’s all. How long should I expect to feel this way? Libido is not up to snuff either. At what point should I just say the heck with it and get medical help? I consider this one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done. I can’t believe some guys are successful with the extremely high doses they inject weekly for months on end. Any additional info, insight, expertise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. PCT or no PCT

    Thanks so much. Greatly appreciated
  15. PCT or no PCT

    Hi…total newbie here…I’m 51…been lifting for a long time…had some bloodwork done was told by my doc that I was “low normal” for test. 5”9 170lbs lean. Picked up some test-e (on my own, not prescribed) took 1ml (250mg) every two weeks. The duration of my experience started in June with an injection of 250mg of test-e, two weeks later another of the same with another 250mg two weeks after that. I started noticing itchy puffy nipples. The whole gyno thing had me freaking out so I decided to taper. I halved the dose to 125mg, then down to 75mg and continued halving the dose until my last injection. That was about six weeks ago. I am still experiencing itchy puffy nipples. Lethargy. Decreased libido. I have been taking an over the counter test booster (mutant test- main ingredients fenugreek, tribulus, tongkat ali), as well as a DIM supplement and I recently added 25mg of dhea. Is there anything else I should be doing or not doing? My fear is developing full on gyno as well as a continued loss of libido. When can I expect things to normalize?