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    kwchch reacted to justhell in Testosterone boosters   
    I've tried having 6 at once ,- and 3 morn, 3at night.  see directions for best results.
    Tbh taking 6 in morning felt more than 2 doses of 3 felt 🤔
    You might not get that much of a boost if you have healthy test levels?
    You will get a boost though as long as you have a good brand.
    I've tried a few different boosters and herbal ignite,
    For me Best booster is Test Freak ♊
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    kwchch reacted to justhell in Testosterone boosters   
    I'm going to go against the grain here,  😁
    in my experience, Test Freak works to raise test levels after coming off cycle.
    I've used it for over 1 year now and have a high drive.
    As well as bloods done 3 or 4 times in that time.
    Each to their own though,
    So many peeps say they don't work ?
    (would love to see how they come to that conclusion) 🤔
    Best research is to do it.
    It's gooòd to be natty    💯%
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    kwchch got a reaction from auck_builder in In need of help with getting bigger in size   
    Hi guys im 21yrs old weighing 80kgs,Im looking for ways to help me get bigger at the gym with what sort or reps and how long to rest?