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  1. Testosterone boosters

    If they actually worked they would be illegal.
  2. Supplies

    Sorry if this has been asked but was just thinking will all this lockdown slow manufacture of products just with being able to get raws in from china etc and does the manufacture process kill any bugs just of course with it comming from china? P.S not fishing fot supplies or offing only curious Cheers
  3. Test Prop

    Well i have no preference for the propionate in particular but that is whats available to me at the moment. I have never done a cycle so i couldnt say i rather prop over test e for example but if it was test e that was available id say that would be my 1st cycle. I had heard the prop is allso faster acting not that that made me more keen on it. Id probably rather a longer ester so as not pinning every 2nd day
  4. Test Prop

    Cheers mate good info. Wont be starting cycle for awhile yet as want to get everything in order but appreciate the advice.
  5. Test Prop

    Hi mate thanks for the tips. That makes sense on the 150 eod. What are your thoughts on tapering after 12 weeks? I know everybodys differnt but in your opinion would gyno be likely on a dose of 600mg per week. Will be making sure all meds are on hand before begining of cycle as still need to drop some more fat and tighten diet up a little more before starting
  6. Test Prop

    Hi everyone. Just wondering what thoughts are on test prop only cylcle for 10 weeks at 400mg per week (2 pins at 200mg) for 1st cycle. Gymming 4-5 nights a week. Body fat still needs to come down a bit but diet going well. 31yo. I had read higher body fat could give more chance of estrogen. Allso thoughts on PCT vs tapering appreciated and if gyno would be an issue on a lower dose. Thanks. Mike.
  7. Hello

    Hello team I am new to forum I had a profile afew years back but is long gone. I try and get into gym 4-5 days a week. Trying to loose some fat and enjoy weights im early 30s now and have noticed its a bit harder to get it off now as am just getting back into it but seeing some small gains. Look fowred to talking to you all