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  1. Training buddy palmy

    Heya, I'm a 26 year old guy in palmy Currently at Flex and Looking for a dude or chick to train with who's also into generally gaining mass and strength as well as losing body fat. Currently at Flex Normally go at lunch Feel free to flick me a message :)
  2. Is tren accessable in Wellington or lower North island? What's the quality like?
  3. Hey team, currently on the gymming and have been doing so for about 3 years. Sitting at 85kg with about 16-18% bodyfat. Am still carryin a little extra around the mid, can just see a faint outline where the 6pack should be. Am about 5 foot, 11. I want to lower my body fat and ideally gain some size. Currently work out for roughly an hour as follows: Monday: Chest Tuesday: Arms Wednesday: Back Thursday: Shoulders and Abs Friday: Legs Eating currently is: Breakie 3 poached eggs 1 grain toast 2 black coffees Lunch Subway with rye grain bread (sub of day with no cheese and low fat sauce) Afternoon tea 1x scoop of nutratech whey gold protein Tea 200g of meat 1/2 cup of either pumpkin/potato/kumara etc 1/2 cup broccoli or similar