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  1. First Test E cycle - questions

    I would advise doing something like this: Week 1-10: 500 mg/wk Test EWeek 11-12: NothingWeek 13-14: Nolvadex 40mg/dayWeek 15-16: Nolvadex 20mg/day purchase in https://valkyrie-online.ws/
  2. Is it this simple

    I have advice for you...I found the article about back workout https://workoutme.com/back-workout-gym. In my opinion this article best solution for workout in the GYM.
  3. Is it this simple

    I suggest going to the GYM and work work work. To fit the shirt just doing workout. I know its hard but you have no choose. I can help with choose exercises. I think you need to start from the back:-)

    Do you have any effects after sarms cycle? I want start SARMS cycle after my dbal cycle... My doc advice me https://steroidsfax.net/
  5. How did you find this site?

    I used internet services and one my friend advice me too this area.
  6. Hello from Georgia!

    Hey! Nice to meet you!