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  1. Do you REALLY love your mrs?? 🤔

    Hear ya mate. Some would say I'm punching also but f*ck sometimes I struggle... 13 years and I keep asking myself how are two people supposed to remain together forever when you are always changing, as we grow ( and we never stop growing) we change....
  2. The struggle is real... Advice

    Swimming might be a go, right now the thought of going to the gym sounds like a real chore..
  3. Hi all Used to be a member here a few moons ago.. long story short. Used to be fat as then approx 6 years ago got fit as, at my best lost 30kgs from my heaviest... Am currently 12kgs heavier than my lightest and really struggling to find motivation to get back in to loving the gym, the burn, the pain, struggling to find the will power to stay committed. Had an injury 6 months ago to which I then just stopped all gym work and started back on the beers... Have tried many times but that only lasts a week before I fall off again ... Starting to feel like shit, grumpy, starting to feel like I've past a point of no return, starting to feel fat where it wasn't before.... Struggling... Any help or ideas please.... 36 yr old male