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  1. Old gear

    Rubber stopper is well in tact and hasn't degraded from what I can see! Thanks for that!
  2. Old gear

    Team, Created this account after I've lost access to my old email and therefore my old profile (traininsane) Been many moons, haven't been on here since the days of tomsammce, thatwaslight, and the rest! So hope those OG's are still floating around and doing well. In short I'm wanting to get back into the game..my hookups are gone in the breeze but I've got some old gear floating around..enough for a cycle anyways. Anyone dabbled with older kit? Talking 3 years..feels crazy that I'm considering it as I write this but it's been stored properly throughout, no discolouration, sealed, and within another sealed container. Thoughts.. (expecting a bit of a roasting haha) PS can go into 'brands' etc later.