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  1. First cycle advice

    Here is an update as requested. Currently have done 5 weeks at 250mg of enanthate. Started off counting calories, but was gaining way too fast with extra fat (my calculations must have been wrong). Then I stopped counting and focusses on 6 good meals per day with 1:2 ratio of protein to carbs. I have had no side effects,although my sex drive may have increased slightly. Muscles have been sorer than normal, not sure if that is more hypertrophy or that I am hitting the workouts harder. At week 5 I have gained 9kg, of which 5kg is muscles (not bad to gain 1kg of lean muscle a week). Now because I did my pre cycle bloods I know I have low testosterone to start off with. Therefore I am thinking of doing multiple 5 week cycles instead, to allow my t levels to recover in between. Now on the forums they talk about the second part of the cycle being the "hardening phase". Can't find any science behind that. Should I just continue or allow my hormones to recover first?
  2. First cycle advice

    Not concerned about the cholesterol. Actually the best way to increase hdl is with fish oils which I am taking. That will hopefully keep my ldl/hdl ratio within reason.
  3. First cycle advice

    Quick update. Got down to 10% body fat and have done 1 week at 250mg of e. My pre cycle testosterone was actually low at 200, but my cholesterol was good. So far haven't noticed any side effects. A bit harder to sleep, but that could also be from sore muscles. Am enjoying eating again, just need to watch my weight gains 1,5 kg in first week. Not sure yet how much is muscle fat or fluid.
  4. First cycle advice

    Thanks daz69 and trainlikeafreak for the great advice. I'll spend another month first getting my body fat below 10%, so I don't have to do a big cut after my cycle (and loose some of gains) and keep my oestrogen conversion low. I will start with 500 good calories in excess and adjust as needed. Back to "training like a freak", no gains without sweat and some pain. I'll update here to let you know how it works out. Cheers guys....
  5. Hi, Wondering if I could get some advice. Wanting to start my first cycle. I am 40 years old, have 12% body fat and have been hitting the gym 3-4 times per week for the last year. Managed to get fit but am limited in my muscles gain due to my slim body type. Was thinking of using 250mg enanthate for 8 weeks and taper last two weeks at 125 and 62.5mg. Wanting to start slow to minimise side effects rather than hitting my virgin receptors hard. (Will still hit the gym hard) My questions: 1. How many calories should I consume above my basal metabolic rate? (Read many stories of people not having clean gains while pouring down the gainer shakes) 2. How can I protect my gains after my cycle? 3. Can I get away without pct? Thanks....