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  1. OK then just do the last 2 a week apart and stop. things should get back to normal in how long do you think?
  2. Ok, I'll take your advice. I've got 2 more injections left to make 10 of the sust 250. I'll space the last 2 ,3 weeks apart to gradually reduce. Also my testicles have shrunk a lot, is that normal for 8 injectionsx 1/wk of sustion 250?
  3. I was tested before using. Only my test levels. I'm doing one injection 250 every 8 days. They say I should start PCT 3 weeks after last inject.. I'll get the royal jelly. would 3 weeks of clomid do? how many mg/days. what about using a little HCG to help restart. thanks for your advice. Why come off? I like to drink a little beer and they don't mix.
  4. I just don't want any gyno. I was an elite international athlete for 25 years many world medals no sauce as I was always getting tested. I'm finishing sust next week. I was blood tested 2 months ago, normal test level for a 40 year old, I still train 6 days a week 3:1 3:1. should I do some clomid for a few weeks?