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  1. Order gear from overseas?

    my mates have done from dark web and got it delivered but i never tried myself. I was planning to but then i found reliable British Dragon source here which works better for me lol
  2. Kiwijuice Test

    My mates have been using KJ for years with no issues but i personally use stuff from my mate which feels better to me I have tried KJ few times too but not really big fan of it if you ask me I rather pay little extra and get proper one
  3. So i am on my first proper cycle and definitely loving every experience from it SO i started my test e dosage at 350mg per week the slowly ramped up to 500mg pee week once i knew my body could handle the sides well this time in the past i had started my cycle twice but never went past week 5 for one reason to another!! mainly lockdowns if i am being honest personally i found 500mg to be my sweet spot with bare minimal sides, i only use airimidex when or if my nips flare up from estrogen even then i only have to take it for a day or two at 0.50 mg dose (i am not keen on using too much AI for many reasons ) i kickstarted with 50mg TBOL for the first 4 weeks and it was a great idea to kickstart!! I am not overly keen on Wet compounds hence my choice of Tbol as kickstart as well as some Anavar SO far i have put on 7 kgs on cycle where i would say at least 1 kg would be fat and some water, but give or take i have put on roughly 5 kgs of lean muscle and its only week 6 Providing my Body fat is low by week 10 i am planning to add masteron P as a finisher very excited to see where it goes from here and oh yes i am loving the strength from this cycle Please feel free to suggest or add anything if you like
  4. Just wondering on what are your guys recommendations on oral kickstart for Test cycle Aim is to lean bulk on 500 surplus diet lets say running 400mg test e per week and Anavar on the last 4 weeks 40mg ED HCG and Clomid for PCT works well for me
  5. Just wondering on what are your guys recommendations on oral kickstart for Test cycle Aim is to lean bulk on 500 surplus diet lets say running 400mg test e per week and Anavar on the last 4 weeks 40mg ED HCG and Clomid for PCT works well for me
  6. First Test E cycle - questions

    Shit fellas lol had my blood work done and my testosterone is off the chart lol FREE TEST - 1969 haha Well managed to gain 3 kgs and looks like lost some fat as well. But turned out i had pubertal gyno as i always felt a little lump under my nip but it start to get puffy after test so i had to drop my dose to 400mg instead of 500. Just looking for some Raloxifene at the moment then i should be sweet lol Nolva and airimidex at the moment seem to help
  7. First Test E cycle - questions

    Shit that's expensive bro, i got mine for $70 each vial Test E 250. i need to book my doctor for blood test as well. For some reason i haven't gained much weight yet only around 1kg or something. It is my 4th week so lets see how it goes Yeah prolly just cooking oil, nothing major Hope your next cycle goes well bro
  8. First Test E cycle - questions

    Did you get it from someone local bro?? that sucks if the gear is fake, TBH i was little worries about that too. i am getting my blood work done next week so lets see what happens lol
  9. First Test E cycle - questions

    Well mine Def is real, on my 3rd week and start to get little puffy under my left nipple lol decided to up Airimidex to 0.50 Every other day to see how it goes. fingers crossed lol P.S i kinda always had little bit extra area around my left chest, probably from puberty but not quite noticeable. But with the estrogen from TEST E its surely changing a bit
  10. First Test E cycle - questions

    I can definitely feel my body changing and change in my workouts. I trained pretty hard regardless so looking forward to the results from extra test. I already bought the pct so will go with it anyway but prolly wait for AI if there are any sides. Shot bro
  11. First Test E cycle - questions

    Hey Bro I started my first cycle of Test E last week and happy to share my initial experience with you. I was super nervous about pinning myself and the potential Side Effects but to be honest pinning wasn't that much of a big deal. i went with Delts which makes it comfortable for the first cycle. I am currently on 400mg per week split into 2 shots of 200mg every Saturday and Tuesday. I do try keep it around the same time as possible for shots to keep the Blood level balanced. Going to wait for the ester to kick in then may be bump up the dose to 500mg per week. So far i don't have any sides but its too soon to say anything. My energy levels are Def up a bit and Libido is up (shouldn't of broken up with my GF last month haha). I have Airimidex in hand for gyno and bloating which is 0.25 every other day. For PCT i got HCG and Nolvadex. private message me if you want to link up and i will be happy to share my thoughts and experience with you.
  12. So i am on my second clen cycle and it is working better than i expected. I started with typical 2 weeks on 2 weeks off but then read about Benadryl to extend the cycle. Benadryl has active ingredient called diphenhydramine which suppose to help with you Beta 2 receptor but we can't get Benadryl in NZ so i picked up some Unisom tablets from Pharmacy which has the same ingredient as Benadryl. After my first cycle i took Unisom for one week straight and then decided to go for my second cycle, There was a chance it might not work but IT SURE WORKED. Now i am doing 1 week on 1 week off with Unisom on the week off with amazing results. I am on low carb diet and macros adjusted to my body type. NOTE Please don't use clen if you are not willing to diet I am lost 5 kgs in total in 4 weeks and lost 4.5% of Body Fat which brings me to 14% currently Hope it helps someone who is about to jump on Clen and yes be careful with the doses please to make sure you measure it properly. start with low then find your comfortable dose.