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  1. Hey Guys Brand new to this forum , have lurked a few times when doing some google searches. This seems like the only place for New Zealanders to discuss steroids and i have a question about some gear i recently purchased. I see the rules i cant name the source but would love to know if anyone has ran this lab and how they found it ... how i get to ask that i dont know lol. I have changed sources recently for a cycle to a lab based in New Zealand, i can only find one post he has made and that was in 2014 on another website. I had some bloods done the other day on test e 250mg PW my bloods came back at 650 ngdl , very low for the dosage i am running IMO. The only question i think i can ask is, is it common for sources to have no presence on the web and still have there gear been sold ? I was using a reddit source for long time which had reviews etc but for this lab i cant find a thing and im worried if this is very old gear or possibly faked. Have you guys had much trouble with under dosed gear in the past ? Look forward to some discussion.