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  1. To cycle or not to?

    Nice, as somebody in the nutrition field, who has studied this extensively, I can say that Daz is right on the money. There are more nutrients in whole grains (i.e. magnesium, calcium, copper, B vitamins, zinc, etc), however because of the high anti-nutrient content (phytates and lectins for example), poor absorption of nutrients in whole grains, and the poorer digestion in general (compared to refined grains), modern research is suggesting that there is a net-loss in nutrition, especially in mineral status. Refined grains such as white flour, white rice, etc, are neutral, and thus not harmful, especially when balanced with other macro nutrients to slow the spike in blood sugar. The best carbs to consume are well-cooked tubers/potatoes and soft easily digestible fruits. Not only are they nutritionally superior, but they are more easy to digest and don't contain anti-nutrients like whole grains do. And if you are going to eat grains, do like the Asians do and consume them refined. Not all refined foods are bad, and in many ways improve health. Slowly, there is a body of scientific literature suggesting that we should be consuming foods that are easy on digestion, foods that do not result in gas and bloating. Eating starchy foods that have not been processed or cooked enough, results in less cellulose or amylopectin breakdown, and makes it harder for our digestive systems to process and extract the nutrients. In addition, this decreases intestinal transit time, allowing food to sit in our small intestine for longer than desirable, which research shows can result in the inappropriate persorption of allergenic proteins as well as increase the proliferation of lipoploysaccharides in the bloodstream by the excess production of endotoxin from bacteria. The goal then, should be to consume a diet that is easily digestible, and that results in BMs that are frequent and pleasant. Fully cooking food will help this process along. It is no surprise that many anthropologists believe that cooking made us human. The advent of cooking corresponds the the increase in brain size and development as a species.
  2. Hi Daz69, I basically joined this forum because of how well-educated you are on the topic of AAS and health optimization. I have been a lurker for a while and am drawn to your posts. Love your posts about cardiovascular health as well as the mechanisms of trenbolone. I recently did my first cycle (test E at 600mg/wk for 12 weeks) and came off without issue. I tried adding anavar in the beginning, but that gave me anxiety and insomnia so after trying to lower the doses without much help, I dropped it altogether. I did 500iu of hcg twice per week while on and this kept my nuts from "shutting down." It's been a couple months since cycle ended and my testosterone and other bloods are all back to pre-cycle levels. Anyways, my plan is to keep cycling, but only about twice per year, taking an equal amount of time off than on. I also have done a ton of research on various AAS and have decided that nandrolones (tren, deca, NPP) are just not for me. I don't even want to put that into my body. The potential for neurological issues, alteration in D2 receptors, and heart complications is enough to keep me far away from that stuff. I have gotten fantastic results from test only and have decided that just test and possibly masteron/proviron will be the only compounds I am going to run. Mast/proviron because they enhance the effects of testosterone and provide a nice hardening effect/boost in libido and erection function. I am basing my cycles off of these particular AAS due to the fact that these are relatively mild and testosterone has probably the most human research, and has been shown to be relatively safe in high doses, even for extended periods. My plan is to do two 3 month cylces per year and never do more than 1g of combined gear per week. Sorry for the long-winded introduction. My question to you is, do you think that staying away from nandrolones, sticking only to test/masteron/proviron is the safest route in preventing cardiovascular problems? I have several other bases covered as well, such as: (1) Doing regular cardio (2) Ensuring my BP stays <140/80, taking some losartan on cycle if it gets a little high, also if bloating is what's increasing BP, taking anastrazole as needed until BP comes back down (3) Taking a baby aspirin every other day along with a little K2 to balance it out (K2 also prevents/reverses the calcification of arteries, which AAS promotes) (4) Hcg a couple times per week (which helps utilize LDL cholesterol for conversion into pregnenolone in the P450 pathway, lowering total serum cholesterol). (5) Eating a healthy diet, low in total fat (6) Ensuring that my BMI does not get too high, which can be a stress to the heart (will never allow it to get >30) If you know of any other ways to prevent cardiovascular complications from AAS, please tell. What is the best way to keep our hearts health, cycling AAS? I know this is a lot, but I really appreciate your knowledge on these topics. I believe that we all should be investigating how to cycle safely so that we can continue to be doing this into old age if we so choose. That's my goal anyways. We need to be kind to our organs. Thank you in advance for any input!