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  1. Hi all I finished a 12 week cycle of test e and Decca about 2 months ago now did no post cycle therapy because my supplier let me down I have just been for a sperm test but have none would that be caused by the no post cycle therapy.any advice will really appreciate it
  2. First cycle

    Thank you Really appreciate your feedback
  3. First cycle

    Hi am I am male 47 165 cms height Been bodybuilding now for 5 years Want to do a cycle for test E stacked with something Was thinking 500mg twice a week also with maybe debol or Dec Just want to know on average if I done a 12 week cycle how much size would I gain Thanks for any help and advice
  4. Keto diet

    Hi all Thinking of doing the keto diet Need to loose alot of weight as I am really over weight I am 165cms 82 kgs And 46 So very over weight Any one done keto And what's your views on it please Thank you