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  1. Clen - AKL?

    Cheers dude! I'm thinking about purchasing some supplements, thinking about a good natural protein and some bcaa's.. Should I get anything else?
  2. Clen - AKL?

    Hey team, currently on the gym grind again after finishing uni gaining 10-12kg by poor life choices. From August I have currently lost about 7-8 kg from eating better and training 3-5 times a week, but still haven't really seen much of a change in my body. Am still carryin a bit of a gut and round chest little bit of man-boob goodness. Am about 6 foot, and sitting at 104kg. I'm wanting to drop to about 90. Apart from being in a calorie deficit/eating clean and training hard, what are some other ways to really boost up this process? Is clen a viable option? Is it accessible? Currently habing 1500-2000 calories done. (fair estimate) - not tracking 100%