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  1. Keto for cutting, high carb for bulking?

    I am just reversing out of a successful keto cut that went well with limited cardio required (15min HIT 5 times a week with a 1hr walk around the block on the weekends). Going to try a bulk following the annabolic style dieting that requires 25cal/pound of targeted stage weight to be consumed following a strict keto protocol Monday-Friday and then switch to carb loading Saturday and Sunday, so far so good. The math is as follows: Target stage weight 85kg (187lb x 15% = 215lb x 25cal = 5375cal/day) with a 65%F, 30%P, 5%C macro split Mon-Fri, and 60-70%C, 10-20%P, 10-20%F on Sat-Sun. Calories look high but are easy to achieve with higher cal from the high fat from olive oil, advacado oil, eggs, ribeye etc.
  2. Keto diet

    Purely for weight loss I do agree with the comments above, simple math, calories burned versus calories in. Deficit in calories equals weight loss, excess in calories equals weight gain. However after a year of eating every 2-3 hours, and lifting 5 days a week, I am enjoying the feeling of being in a fasting state (16-8 split). I am of a similar age group to Iron46, and will keep you updated as to how this new eating plan goes. (1-week in). I have just downloaded MyFitness App to monitor my macros etc in my 8 hour eating window. I believe it is beneficial to rest the digestive system, and I am interested in what happens on a cellular level when the body is in a fasted state.
  3. Newbie.

    Words of wisdom right there. Thank you
  4. Newbie.

    Hello team, I have signed up today, after finding you all several times, in my google searching's for 'making some gains as a senior' I guess I am a senior, in the bodybuilding world at 47 years? I have trained on and off throughout my life, however just went serious this year, I had a weigh in this morning and still on track: 175 cm's 93.7 kgs 14.7 % My goal........100 kgs @ 12% .........OK you can stop laughing now, I know that is a big ask at my age with lowering test levels etc etc but aim high right? Eat, eat, eat, train and sleep..... Looking forward to reading through the knowledge available, hello again.