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  1. Carb cycling

    Thanks for the input. so would you recommend one refeed and one moderate carb day ?
  2. Carb cycling

    Hi Guys and Girls I am currently planning to start carb cycling for the first time to shake off some body fat. Stats 33 years old 178cm tall around 16.8% body fat (3 point pinch test method). My question is based more around refeed days, Could I do 2 refeeds in a cycle i.e. 3 days low carb then a refeed two days low carb then a refeed and not do the moderate carb day. I am not interested in rapid fat loss and feel that the strength in the gym is pretty important. I would be keen to hear some thoughts from more experienced builders.
  3. Wanganui

    Moved over from RSA about 2 years ago and been back in the gym for the past 8 months, just looking for a partner to train with from time to time. I am pretty comfortable training alone and don't mind asking strangers for a spot here and there, just thought id take a stab at it.
  4. Wanganui

    I'll take that as a no.
  5. Wanganui

    Hi Guys Anybody from Wanganui on this forum.