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  1. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    Ive run their MK2866 along with GW during pct and both seemed pretty safe tbh. Did exactly what they're supposed to do, but nothing mind blowing. Slightly leaner, good pumps and endurance in the gym, held every gram of muscle through out pct, no sexual sides. I would say they're a safe bet tbh, very pricey - but I feel what they say is in the bottle is more or less what you are getting (not sure how accurate their claimed mg doses per ml are) but other than that, seems legit to me.
  2. My brothers & sisters!

    Thanks Pseudo, I try to keep it as real and transparent as possible. Honesty over everything Sure is a dark place to be when resorting to AAS for relief from yourself. Somewhere along the line I felt like with every jab I was telling my body that I hated it. And this awareness of my own self hatred REALLY had me questioning whether i am doing the right thing by using AAS this time around. Problem is, I’ve come off. And now my mrs has decided she wants to compete in an ameture show coming up in the next few weeks. So she’s running Anavar. She’s on the come up while I’m coming down. Kinda sucks... Any thoughts or advice as to how I could best deal with that? I want to be supportive of her competing but at the same time it may be hard to get past the mixed emotions I’m feeling about her drug use being “in my face” right after I decided to come off for my own self betterment.
  3. SARMS

    Totally with you on the lgd there. I'm currently running 25mg ostarine, 20mg cardarine as well as HcGenerate, clomid and nolvadex and loving it! Think I'm going to run ostarine later this summer as a standalone bridge 😃
  4. SARMS

    Oh nice. I ran lgd with test and eq. And I got the feeling the SARM was competing for receptors. Wasn’t seeing much gain and as soon as I dropped the LGD, 💥 boom 💥 I just blew up. I ended up aborting this cycle at 7 weeks anyway but lessen learned for next time. I prefer to run sarms as a stand-alone from now on. Thoughts on SARMS in pct?
  5. SARMS

    Update on the sarms OP? Did you end up running anything?
  6. To cycle or not to?

    Have you looked into supplementing with Whey and Maltodextrin? May not be everyone’s cup of tea but it works great for me. Makes it a lot easier to meet my calorie requirements. And it’s liquid calories, so not too filling either = more room for food! 👍
  7. To cycle or not to?

    Wow. That makes so much sense. You just blew my mind 😳
  8. My brothers & sisters!

    Hey thanks my man. Yea good to be here. Honestly i I think the equipoise May have had a major role to play when it came to the amount of anxiety I was experiencing during this cycle. But there were a number of factors aside from just the EQ. I was having serious trouble sleeping, (would lay awake unable to sleep right up until the crack of dawn and would the sleep all day) so my circadian rhythm was all messed up, making it hard to stay on top of diet and training. I was in an unhealthy living environment - a shared home with myself, my partner and our two kids sharing one large loft bedroom and living under rule and thumb of a batshit crazy feminazi woman and her two kids. As well as back packers coming and going throughout the week as she also ran a BNB from this house - had a feeling of always walking on eggshells and trying to keep the peace even though I hated this woman and her oldest kid was a bullying little c*nt to my boys. Also so I had realised that my intention behind beginning this second cycle was coming from a standpoint of insecurity rather than experimentation like my first cycle was. - I had a confrontation with an asshole in a parking lot after he cut me off, and when he rolled down the window and asked me what my problem was, instead of telling him what I thought like a man, I cowered, and drove away. - this triggered me as I felt like I had let myself and my family down, I felt like in that moment (and many before this) I had been treated like a lesser man. Whereas during my first cycle people treated me with more respect, so I told myself I was gonna jump back on ASAP and no mother f*cker will treat me with disrespect like that again. (Lol) I know.. I was hasty and didn’t treat the compounds with the same amount of respect as I should have this time, and jumped back on as I thought this would help me feel better about myself. Then while I was on (about 4-5 weeks in) I had realised that my relationship with the drugs this time round was more unhealthy than the experimental approach I had taken with my prior cycle. So after realising the drugs arent serving me this time round, this began playing back and forth on my conscience. “Do I get off immediately and focus on becoming my best version naturally?.. But I’ve come this far, the damage had been done to my HPTA, do I ride it out, complete the cycle, make the most of the gains and then come off and work on my insecurities?.. but the longer I’m on the worse the risk of permanent damage!.. Yea but your 5 weeks in, the damage has been done, pct now will be just as rough as pct in another 6 weeks!... goddammit what do I do!?” my inner dialogue played out like this for another couple weeks and I decided to come off at week 7 and gave my gear to a friend in the gym. Im on week 3 of my PCT now and feeling a lot more myself. We have also managed to move into a house of our own which is really nice. A huge load off my shoulders given we finally have space to be ourselves as a family. Still going to the gym. Sleeping heaps better -though I still have the odd sleepless night occasionally, usually when shit is playing on my mind. Kept all my gains. But have learned an important lesson about myself and respecting these compounds. And how important it is to be prepared not just by having everything you need on hand before starting your cycle. But more so it’s important to be in a good set and setting before beginning a cycle, or it will wreak havoc on your mind in many, many ways (well for me anyway). To say the least it was a very interesting experience. And I have learned a lot from it. 😅🤙
  9. To cycle or not to?

    Dude you should totally ride it out natty for as long as you can. Your natural test levels are insanely high! I wouldn’t want to mess with that. You’re really lucky imo 🤙
  10. My brothers & sisters!

    Wassup guys. Long time lurker, finally created a profile of my own. some basic stats: 6ft 2, 25yo, 90kg, roughly 12% bf Im into my body building and strength training. Ran an a couple of cycles in my time. Currently coming off my second and going about things naturally from here on out. (At least for now anyway) 😂 ran two two cycles of local UGL gear. #1 TestE @380mg week x 12 weeks #2 TestE @ 500mg week 10mg LGD daily & Equipoise @ 600mg week (aborted at 7 weeks due to feeling like I was in two minds about my steroid use and realising my relationship with the drugs was coming from an unhealthy standpoint). - feel free to ask if you wanna know more, always down for an honest yarn with good sorts. 😊 Reason for joining the forum; I figured it was about time I get amongst the local online NZBB community, meeting some like minds. Seeking advice and support and I hope to help out in anyway I can by sharing my experiences and information based on these experiences! Stay beautiful, chur.