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  1. Hi Daz, I was originally at 6.0 (172ng/dl) and 6.6 (190ng/dl) four years ago. Because I was so young, and did not want to go on TRT I tried everything I could to improve my levels (vit D supplementation, zinc, healthy diet, no alcohol, no smoke, gym). I've lived this way cleanly for the past few years. I managed to get my levels up to 11.3 (325ng/dl) around two years ago. However, they've continued to drop since then despite me trying my best to keep them up. The side effects of low T are harsher then they were in the past as well.
  2. Hey everyone, So I had an appointment with my endo last year in OCT. My levels were Total test: 224 ng/dl (250 - 950) LH: 2.0 (2-10) FSH 2.1 (2-10). He recommended TRT but I declined as I wanted kids in the future. This year after increasing side effects of low T and freezing my sperm I’ve gone back. I’ve had several bloods all similar to this but my most recent ones are… Total test: 252ng/dl (250 - 950) LH: 2.7 U/L FSH: 2.9 U/L I expected to have no issue getting my testosterone prescription for this but he now says that I’m ‘fine’ because i’m now technically in range. I tried to show him how I am at the very bottom of the range and for my age (24) I’m well below but he just would not listen. He said we will do bloods over the next three months and if I go under range then he MIGHT prescribe the test. Worst yet he said he will only be willing to prescribe REANDRON every twelve weeks. (WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!). He also says there’s no way you can use HCG with TRT at the same time (ARGH!) Now I don’t know what to do. He is clearly useless. But in my country (New Zealand) he is my only option using our public healthcare. What can I do? I’ve started trying to research private endo’s (there’s none in my city but there is a couple in other cities). Who else could I look for privately? I just don’t know what to do. Did not expect to not get my prescription. HELP!