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  1. Lame reason to lift...??

    Well, thanks for that welcome. You stink like an a$$hole, which you undoubtedly are.
  2. Lame reason to lift...??

    At least part of the reason we've been together 14 years is because I care a lot. But every man has his limits, and you are right, not healthy - and recent developments have indeed made me insecure for the first time since we got together in 2004...
  3. Lame reason to lift...??

    Muscle boys are some of the shallowest people on the planet, mate. All about the aesthetics, I mean how else do you explain synthol...and in fact roids probably fall into that definition, too. Which doesn't make you wrong, of course (it is quite acceptable to be a hypocrite - see the tuquoque fallacy). There's plenty truth there, the Mrs has taken to spending too much time on social media (any time on SM is too much) getting unrealistic expectations for life, as one does. After 14 years, it's unsettling. She's become selfish and self absorbed, which never was the case before. Midlife crisis bollocks. Which does suck. Anyway. All part of growing up eh.
  4. Lame reason to lift...??

    Anyway, after watching a ton of youtube and doing a lot of reading, this sheet isn't for me. I've always been about exercising for health, not 'looking awesome but being half dead' walking. Stuff that...out.
  5. Lame reason to lift...??

    Also, to add, I am not looking to procure anything here...
  6. Lame reason to lift...??

    Sorry don't understand what you mean by 'this smells like bacon', do you mean I sound like a cop on a fishing expedition? Spose it might look a bit like that....speaking of cops and missions, did you see that policeman runner chap in Rotorua who got done for EPO...
  7. Lame reason to lift...??

    Thanks for the replies chaps. Yes, been doing plenty reading which confirms what you're saying. Not really on the bike any longer (and wouldn't be, if this happens). Not that keen on roids TBH because of deca dick, premature ageing, hair loss and shrunken nads...I look under 35 and I like that fact rather a lot. And yep, fully get the calories in/out thing; when racing 7 day events like the Cape Epic, we'd eat like absolute horses and still lean out. Being keen on chow, loved the idea of 'if it's a calorie, EAT IT'...
  8. Hey guys so I'm 42, been a cyclist all my life and a climber/roleur, so on the lighter side of things (68kg when lean) and around 176cm. My Mrs, who is a real hottie, has taken a fancy to the more muscular appearance; she doesn't like it when I am 'cycling fit' because she doesn't like skinny blokes. We've been together for 14 years...Anyway, so now I have started gymming, basically pull ups and pushups and dumbbells/bench and that sort of thing (even when unfit, as I am now, I can do 15 pull ups) and now want to add a bit of extra bulk, which is totally weird for someone like me as I have spent most of my training time in the past getting as lean as possible. I've never used PEDs while cycling, not into cheating and that, but now I want to get some gear to build a muscle or two. Hopefully I can learn a bit here..