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  1. Muscle development with chronic injuries

    thanks for the advice, does this site have nutrition plan suggestions that I can use?
  2. I am 42 years old and have arthritis in both knees and a bad back. Oh I am also a Marine 20 years in. With these bad knees I want to know how or what I can do to increase lean muscle mass over all but especially in my legs.
  3. Lean Muscle help

    Any body builders that were skinny and have a high metabolism? I have been trying to gain lean muscle and I can't figure it out. I am much older now and I have a little bit more muscle but not lean muscle. Any pointers from similar lifters. I recently found this website, https://ternion3.wordpress.com/, that seems legit but I want to get some more advice before I spend money. I also have a bodybuilding.com account and other blogs but the answers I get are more from young guys that say "Just lift heavier Bro" or some crap like that. HELP