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  1. Myprotein impact whey

    Is there any particular benefit of cashew butter as opposed to the usual peanut butter?
  2. Myprotein impact whey

    Hey everyone, Has anybody used impact whey before? They are having 50% off frenzy deal right now. Im planning to stock up on their impact whey ($75 for 5kg cant be beat anywhere else)
  3. Pull up form check

    Yea sorry that weighted post was meant to show the imbalance because it is not as apparent when im just pulling bw. I was typing that post before your comment showed up. Btw i will try those advices up. I think the weakness might be in the intitial pull
  4. Pull up form check

    I attached another pics showing clearer difference in shoulder position as i do weighted pull up. At hanging position, they appear symmetrical but as i started pulling myself up they are not engaged equally. Am i overthinking this?
  5. Hello everyone. I am wondering if something is wrong with my pull up form and shoulder in general. My right shoulder has always been bigger and more defined than the left, though the left shoulder is more flexible than the right(i can dislocate it further to the back, if it makes sense) I am not too bothered with the size imbalance because im still skinny and i think it will even out as i train and grow, however only recently i discovered it is unevenly working even in exercises like pullups, dips and OHP. Is this normal? Or are my shoulders going to be screwed later on lol.
  6. To cycle or not to?

    Mind to elaborate? Might be interested.
  7. To cycle or not to?

    Agreed man. I'm not saying my metabolism is very high to the point that i cant gain. It is high enough that my appetite just won't catch up to make up for the surplus needed. Eating semi-clean as much has i do now(estimated ~2600cals) is already a chore and it turns out that i am still only eating in maintenance(because my weight is not bulging). It just happens that 2-3 packs of those are not as fulfilling and an easy way to add in~1000cals to my diet. And cheap too. My diet otherwise are mainly rotating chicken+rice or pasta+mince or egg+toast all day. Not the strictest but I do try to avoid processed food hence the semi clean. Definitely not ideal and the plan is to gradually sub the noodle for some real food as I adapt to this new high calorie appetite.
  8. To cycle or not to?

    Over the past 6 months. I have went from 68kg to 69~70kg-ish with almost no strength gain although i already try to eat as much as i can. Since the day i posted this question though(been 1 month), I have gained an additional ~2kg(of bodyweight, not only lean mass i might have gain much fat as well although in the mirror im about the same leanness) and more noticeable strength gain. I realised because of my shit high metabolism it is very difficult to gain with just semi clean diet. What i did change was simply adding 2-3 of those indomie instant noodles to my current diet most days of the week. 1 pack=~400cals. Boy does it works lol. Definitely about the calories in calories out after all. Decided that I agree with all the advice here so thanks for the feedback. Will give myself more time before i hopped on the real thing. Still tempted though not gonna lie.
  9. To cycle or not to?

    Hello everyone, I am new around so nice to meet you all! I am 21/m/72kg/1.72m/bf~11-12%, been training hard for the past 2 years, on and off since i was 17. Training was mainly calisthenics when i first started, then transitioned to SL 5x5 then 3x5 and now a mixture of both StrongLifts and bodyweight training. I am considering doing my first basic test cycle @500mg per week -tempted with the mood, psychological, strength gain. Plan is for a 1 cycle only and then maintain and keep training natty. I have been doing plenty of reading on cycles and logs, etc since a few years ago but I decided to wait until I have plateaued. There's definitely much more to learn however so I wouldn't say that I have know it all. So i ordered a lab test for pre cycle level. Test came back (very) high at 32.7nmol/L (ref range 9.0-25.0). Now i am confused, if I already have high test to begin with then there is there a point that i start cycling? I'm however not making much(if any) gains these days. Diet has admittedly not been perfect but I try to hit 2500-3000cal and 100-150g protein every day. Goal is to gain mass and strength while maintaining calisthenics strength. Would appreciate advice from the community. Thanks!