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  1. LOW T & TRT

    I never said it was, a fat lost pill, though research shows it can provide weight loss benefits for some people, through this research it does not seem to be idiotic at all, as it seems to help some people. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23147210/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3308305/ Personally I have it and don't use it, I like the research surrounding the insulin sensitivity from this compound but I need more knowledge on this compound, which is why I asked. If the best advice to educate me is Taking it as one is idiotic. then I guess I am done here. I apologise for offending the powers that be. Be safe ... Ciao
  2. LOW T & TRT

    I have no complaints, but putting Dr Love on the shelf, what if I did both??? 500mg per day on keto diet or low fat low carb high protein diet, yes I maybe just thinking out loud. I cant say I am not curious of what the results would be. All In the name of science of course.
  3. LOW T & TRT

    TOTALLY APPRECIATE THE INSIGHT .. I started the AI for 2 reasons: 1) nipples for some stupid reason started to get sensitive doctor told me to take 1mg per day arimidex (BUT) after a tour through these forums and others I brought a pill cuter and take 1/2 mg EOD and the nipples stop hurting and the estrogen level in the blood started to lower, I am quite cautious but educate myself on these things which is quite a trip, I suspect the nipple sensitivity was due to the aromatiastion to estrogen which is the 2nd reason why I started to use them, no more sore tender nipples (LOL) If micro-dosing is pointless I wont bother with it and will put that down to blond moment and move on (LOL) at present I am using the Sustanon 250 @ 176mg @1ml (every 10-14 days) to finish what I have as my Doc has changed me onto 200 mgs Cypionate @ 2 mls I am thinking that 1ml every 7-10 days as I am trying to balance out my injections when I switch. TB500 - BPC157 info, thank you so much, I am going to give your customs / pet idea a try, as I am a member on the NZKC that occasionally breeds bull terriers :) its is worth a shot. ------------------------------------------- I was prescribed metformin told it will help cut some weight and help with insulin sensitivity etc .. BUT I am continuously learning more about it. feel free to educate us on the pros and cons Thank you for the awesome advice
  4. LOW T & TRT

    Did some Bloods work on the 16 May 2020, keen on everyone's thoughts HORMONES Testosterone: 40.4 nmol/L ( 8.7 - 29.0 ) HH SHBG: 34 nmol/L ( 13 - 71 ) Free Testosterone: 1011 pmol/L ( 198 - 619 ) HH TBC Haemoglobin:187 g/L ( 130 - 175 ) H RBC:7.45 x10e12/L ( 4.30 - 6.00 ) H HCT:0.56 L/L ( 0.40 - 0.52 ) H MCV:75 fL ( 80 - 99 ) L MCH:25.1 pg ( 27.0 - 33.0 ) L Platelets:257 x10e9/L ( 150 - 400 ) WBC:8.7 x10e9/L ( 4.0 - 11.0 ) Neutrophils:5.5 x10e9/L ( 1.9 - 7.5 ) Lymphocytes:1.9 x10e9/L ( 1.0 - 4.0 ) Monocytes:0.7 x10e9/L ( 0.2 - 1.0 ) Eosinophils:0.5 x10e9/L ( < 0.6 ) Basophils:0.1 x10e9/L ( < 0.3 ) PSA Total PSA:1.4 ug/L ( < 2.5 ) THYROID TSH:2.7 mIU/L ( 0.30 - 4.00 ) LIVER Total Bilirubin:13 umol/L ( < 25 ) Alk. Phosphatase:65 U/L ( 40 - 110 ) GGT:64 U/L ( < 60 ) H ALT:26 U/L ( < 45 ) Total Protein:69 g/L ( 61 - 79 ) Albumin:37 g/L ( 32 - 48 ) Globulin:32 g/L ( 20 - 36 ) LIPIDS Cholesterol:5.1 mmol/L ( < 5.0 ) H Triglyceride:1.3 mmol/L ( < 2.0 ) HDL Cholesterol:1.32 mmol/L ( > 1.00 ) LDL cholesterol:3.2 mmol/L ( < 3.4 ) Chol/HDL Ratio:3.9 ( < 4.5 ) I am taking the sustanon 250 every 10-14days 1/2mg AI EOD finasteride 1/2mg E3D .. If any could give me some advice of protective supps I be keen to learn, at present trying to source TUDCA in NZ .. NAC that not overly priced :) I want to cover the main organs, heart, liver kidneys. Thanks in advance.
  5. Acne After Steroids

    Doing cycle without pct is seriously crazy, the whole point of the cycle is to grow and the point of the pct is to recover to natural balance and keep as much gains from the cycle as possible and of course live through it all without messing shit up. Doing this isn't a game and someone need to kindly point it out before you think that pct is not necessary and use other compounds you might not walk away from. Give it some thought.... Acne: caused by excessive levels of androgens (male sex hormones) Androgen is a metabolite of testosterone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is one of the main causes of acne
  6. LOW T & TRT

    (continuation) So my desire to learn more about all of this made me a vacuum, I realise I probably picked up some bad info along the way, I do trying to prove out the stories I ready and watch, this brings me to the next segment: (Micro-dosing) watch a ton of videos, read through researches and medical files and realise that if I micro dose I maybe need to take the AI and Finasteride (as much or at all) and that is positively a good thing (so says my liver ) So if anyone has thoughts on this (micro-dosing) it will be awesome sharing is caring :) ... But now I have a problem Sustanon 250 is an 1ml ampule (sad) But all is not lost, I could buy a sterile 10 ml vial (probably from China) and fill it with Sustanon 250 or I could put on my Oscar award winning performance and sell the idea to my GP and taaadaaaa Picture is the likeness, but the product is the same, so micro-dosing is on the cards, I was taking 176mg of sustanon and will calculate micro-dosing 200 mgs Cypionate @ 2 mls .. (once I work out the daily dosing) there has been other areas that I have taken an interest into some direct and indirect to the TRT things like effect of testosterone on the RBC, lipids, renal and liver. Other off topic areas have also sparked an interest, one being peptides. So, if anyone knows the NZ laws on this topic I am very interested in this also, such as if it's illegal or obtainable via prescription etc etc. Any way that enough for now any advice offered is GREATLY APPRECIATED. Ciao everyone stay safe ..
  7. LOW T & TRT

    I sort of fell off the grid a bit now getting back into society I must add my TRT has taken some turns positively i hope to say, but the most important part is I feel great, I started on the Reandron testosterone @ 1000mg after about 4 weeks I didn't any better and the bloods where not any better either, I dove into youtube and websites after website and found some semi positive things about Sustanon 250 (hallelujah) just happen to be another option present by my GP, quick note because I was asked this: though I went through my GP my GP got the approval for the TRT through specialist he knew. So Sustanon 250 176mg testosterone per ml (4 esters) shooting my quads was always 50/50 painful or not I drew back to make sure I was not in the vein if i drew blood I would pullout and change the needle and try again in a new spot, but Daz69 advice was gold and helped me out a lot so Kudos bro. Sustanon 250 176mg testosterone per ml administered @ 3 week intervals which I found was to long getting closer to the 3rd week I would feel like crap, on the the stuff I felt great, confident, cognitive alertness, dick was hard in the morning (holy shit) I am 20 again LOL. So I step outside the guidelines and injected every 12 days, blood work came back (very basic blood test) 20 Jan 2020 Testosterone:> 50.0 nmol/L ( 8.7 - 29.0 ) HH yes I heard from the nurses and sure I realise they are looking out for me, so I blamed it all on the propionate ester half life in the sustanon 250 and explained I took my shot the day before the test, that will explain the 20 nmol increase. After more research and youtube, my knowledge had expanded more I was already on an AI (arimadex 1mg tab) E3Ds half a tab then the acne turned up once I noticed them on my back or side of my forehead I also noticed the the hair thinning, which I learn't is a result of testosterone conversion to DHT so I obtain finasteride comes in a 5mg tab which I cut into 4 quarters (slight over 1mg each) cut the each again and 1 bit EOD like the estrogen I only wanted to suppress the DHT not kill it. I moved from quad injection to delts, switching between the two, I guess the confidence was getting better and the pip/ numbing in the quad which made it hard to squat added to the encouragement of finding a better way. (to be continued)
  8. LOW T & TRT

    Awesome Daz thanks a lot.
  9. LOW T & TRT

    when I used TestE from the mens clinic I shot the quad using 25ga seemed painless enough, was only recently told that it can be problematic, the thought of pinging my glute makes me cringe, however I dont want to mess my legs up, so ill need to just man and ping my glute (needle gauge im told would be 22ga or 23ga) I think my brother just wants to see me cry LOL (never) can I use a 25ga on the glute or is that to small. I will be following the 1ml injection plan every 10days Thanks for the advice bro greatly appreciated.
  10. LOW T & TRT

    I pick up this today, surprised I got 3 vials but no complaints, I will use a 18ga to draw out and 23ga or 25ga to shoot the glute or quad, never shot the glute before. Need to stop off at the EDo centre for some supplies
  11. LOW T & TRT

    I am hoping so I did ask for injectables, was not keen on the orals, will follow the guide lines above if given the vial to administer myself. Dr mention it was just in case the nipples got sensitive (gyno) maybe aromatase, I am not sure , but I am happy to throw them in the draw, I have not taken any. Thank you all for the feed back,help and advice.. I honestly appreciate it all..
  12. LOW T & TRT

    Yes a little muddled up .. sorry about that bro..
  13. LOW T & TRT

    One other question comes to mind, it may seem a tad nooberish, I apologise for that in advance should I take a break from this stuff and let my natural test restore itself? or just for the sake of taking a break from the use? Dr has also given me arimidex 1mg per day. Thanks again
  14. LOW T & TRT

    Awesome Thank you ..
  15. LOW T & TRT

    Total appreciate all the advice, I am happy the DR has finally decided to put me on TRT will be looking forward to feeling normal and to reap some benefits from possibly retaining some muscle with helping with some fat-loss, but the mental focus for both my training and life will be a tremendous benefit. thanks for the advice.