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  1. LOW T & TRT

    Awesome Daz thanks a lot.
  2. LOW T & TRT

    when I used TestE from the mens clinic I shot the quad using 25ga seemed painless enough, was only recently told that it can be problematic, the thought of pinging my glute makes me cringe, however I dont want to mess my legs up, so ill need to just man and ping my glute (needle gauge im told would be 22ga or 23ga) I think my brother just wants to see me cry LOL (never) can I use a 25ga on the glute or is that to small. I will be following the 1ml injection plan every 10days Thanks for the advice bro greatly appreciated.
  3. LOW T & TRT

    I pick up this today, surprised I got 3 vials but no complaints, I will use a 18ga to draw out and 23ga or 25ga to shoot the glute or quad, never shot the glute before. Need to stop off at the EDo centre for some supplies
  4. LOW T & TRT

    I am hoping so I did ask for injectables, was not keen on the orals, will follow the guide lines above if given the vial to administer myself. Dr mention it was just in case the nipples got sensitive (gyno) maybe aromatase, I am not sure , but I am happy to throw them in the draw, I have not taken any. Thank you all for the feed back,help and advice.. I honestly appreciate it all..
  5. LOW T & TRT

    Yes a little muddled up .. sorry about that bro..
  6. LOW T & TRT

    One other question comes to mind, it may seem a tad nooberish, I apologise for that in advance should I take a break from this stuff and let my natural test restore itself? or just for the sake of taking a break from the use? Dr has also given me arimidex 1mg per day. Thanks again
  7. LOW T & TRT

    Awesome Thank you ..
  8. LOW T & TRT

    Total appreciate all the advice, I am happy the DR has finally decided to put me on TRT will be looking forward to feeling normal and to reap some benefits from possibly retaining some muscle with helping with some fat-loss, but the mental focus for both my training and life will be a tremendous benefit. thanks for the advice.
  9. LOW T & TRT

    Thank you very much, totally appreciate the advice
  10. Kia ora

    Howdy Francis ..
  11. LOW T & TRT

    Testosterone:7.4 nmol/L ( 8.7 - 29.0 ) LL My doctor has decide to put me on TRT which I am kind thrilled about it, only took 2 years of consistent low T tests and array of other issues, which probably convinced him, maybe. I was on this about 2 years ago before my accident (crushed in my truck) the mens clinic were cool, but costly around $550 for TestE 250mg per mill, 1 shot per week (TRT) since the accident I spent a few months in Hospital / surgery I have been back in the Gym for about a month maybe more. I am intermittent fasting craze 16/8 window, consuming 2300 cal, but this is all another post :) My Doctor flicked me an email, offered me choices for the TRT. My problem is I am not familiar with these esters, yes I have looked on the internet to get the guts of it.. but I think nothing beats experience. (the choices) sustanon 250/1ml = every 3 weeks $36.30 / Depo-testosteron 100mg/ml = 100 mg every 4 weeks $164.90 / Reandron 1000/4mls every 6 weeks $184.10 I honestly value everyone's opinion and appreciate all the advice and help offered .. Thanks
  12. Hello

    DEAFNESS, I tried to recover it but I no longer have the old email acct attached to it, sorry about that.
  13. Hello

    My name Jayson, I am deaf.. Its been a few years since I have been here, Big kiwi was both a mentor and friend I hung out on his site a lot, he and others nzmuscle, biggirl, samoanmuscle to name a few. inspired me to change my life, I probably would of been dead or seriously ill if It wasn't for Bigkiwi to take a moment to answer my email. So it was sad for me to see bigkiwi go, R.I.P I hope to gain sound advance for things, gym and diet related, build friends and my knowledge base, I am hungry to know, so please excuse the noobish questions. I cant say its been easy, there were moments it all fell apart, struggles, gym, weight, time, work, money, deaths and injuries, But through it all, I want life Greetings to you all ..