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  1. are dumbells enough for a good physique

    Come and train with me for a month free, and you won't lose motivation using your dumbbells and other equipment you've purchased. I believe you can get results using dumbbells, bench and pull-up bar, and I'll explain why... lol. .. or I'll come train with you :).. I'll bring the protein shakes and pre workout... lol. You need a training partner mate... as arnold said
  2. First cycle advice

    you lack a training partner, come train with me for free for a month lol, and I guarantee you will never give up nor plataeu ever again :)... Should be ample time to kick start your motivation levels again, i train in Manukau City Fitness or New Market... come along free with me... "If you change nothing, nothing will ever change" Keep your head up high mate! All you need is the Island Steroids.... Taro haha.... trust me, and you'll be warming up with 100kg benching and 200kg squats lol....
  3. How did you find this site?

    I found this website when searching for people needing a personal trainer and or training partner mainly into bodybuilding and powerlifting
  4. Protein on a budget

    stock up on green or blue top budget milk depending on your goals. Freeze the bottles you don't use, and then thaw the bottle you use for the week, and def buy ice-cream, vanilla flavour.. yummy... drink & Eat that every other day and you'll be benching like me 150kg on a light day, playing basketball and rugby lol :)... Hit me up for more tips :), re protein on a budget, I might even give you a bit of my protein for free, as I have a huge bucket lol ... oh and by the way, to all bodies are the same, so I'll need to give you free advice and suggestions based on your body type and genetic makeup lol.. obviously Taro is a must :) haha