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  1. Newbie here just wanting some advice. A year ago I did my first cycle of test e for 16 weeks. I had great results and did pct for 5 weeks with clomid and nolva. But my nuts shrunk bigtime and have grown back but only about half the size they were. Got some bloods done and came back 6.5 nmol/L well below the normal range for a 31 year old. Now my gp said just give it time see if it comes back to normal but f*ck that. I get tired, moody, anxious, depressed not all the time but sometimes. Also I can still get it up fine but have f*ck all sex drive. I've self referred myself to a urologist next week to get professional advice but was curious if anyone on here could help out. Basically I just want my natural level back in a normal range. Worst case scenario I'll just self medicate down the track if I cant get it sorted. Thanks for reading